30 Simple Ways to practice gratitude every day

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. You must have heard this proverb about gratitude. It’s difficult to be grateful for each struggle and success. By practicing gratitude daily, you are thankful for all the little things and be a happier person forever.

Dr. Robert Emmons, professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, researcher, and author of the book Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier, suggests that by practicing gratitude into your daily life you have a more fulfilled life.

The power of gratitude is so magical that you take each bad event as an opportunity. Grateful people have a long and healthy life than others who don’t practice gratitude in daily life.

Can gratitude change your life?

It’s the little things that count

We have a bedtime routine to tell at least 3 good things happened the whole day. And now after 7 months, we are counting to 10. The process was not easy, even 7 yrs old my daughters can’t find to tell 3 little good things.

I can understand how much you will be exhausted when you start this process. I can see how some positive affirmations we repeatedly speak build confidence in them.

The change comes after gratification is not huge but impactful. It leads to a more positive, controlled and confident lifestyle. In this research, Dr. Robert Emmons roves that gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness.

When we practice gratitude in life, we are creating a happy and less competitive life around ourselves, therefore, the overall well being of human beings increases.

Even after realizing the benefits of gratitude, we all struggle to develop a habit of gratitude as it’s not easy to stay positive in challenging life we all have.

How can I practice gratitude daily?

Simple Ways to practice gratitude every day

Practicing gratitude in everyday life can change your life drastically. We all have to practice being thankful for what we have but how to develop an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis?

Being thankful for what you have in life is a skill and you can develop it by making conscious efforts. There will always be many things to be grateful for, you just need to change the perspective towards all the challenges you are facing in everyday life.

You can actually improve the quality of your life, by simply following below tips to have more gratitude in everyday life.

10 Simple ways to practice gratitude every day

1. Write a gratitude journal.

Journaling is one of the best daily habits to improve the quality of your life.

2 Put yourself into someone else’s shoes.

Before judging anyone you must try to put yourself in that situation and evaluate the behavior of the same person. First, analyze then react.

By practicing gratitude this way, you will complain less and see a more positive side of each person or bad incident.

3 Write a thank-you note or say it personally.

How many people do you meet every day? How many times do you appreciate anybody from these people?

dog biting Thank You mail paper

A simple thank you note, even just a gesture of saying “thank you” brings a smile on other people. You are able to cherish a person who had a bad day.

By appreciating others, you feel so good and confident that you are now feeling a happy and more fulfilled life. You can send a letter of gratitude monthly or write one for yourself to count your blessings.

4 What’s good for me?

Even if you are struggling hard, ask yourself What I learn today?

What’s good happen to me today? By answering this you are shifting a total perception about the negativity around yourself. Your subconscious mind will shift your thoughts in a positive direction.

5 Laugh more.

Rather than looking at sad parts of life, you should start laughing more and enjoy over small things. Turn on your favorite comic show and laugh more, sooner you notice that you are taking life more positively.

Having a good sense of humor is key to having a long healthy and happy life.

6 Summarize your day before or after sleep.

Many people are not able to experience gratitude because they think it takes so much time and effort.

If you don’t have time for journalling or feel shy to talk about it just close your eyes and summarize your day before or after sleeping. Ask yourself what was so good happened on the whole day?

woman on bed holding white mug

It takes only 5 minutes and you can improve your life by developing this habit. Summarize your day and find happy moments before going to bed or wake up in the morning. This habit creates a positive vibe and you feel more enthusiasm for the next day. You can also note down into a simple diary. This 5 min gratitude exercise is absolutely worthy to try today.

7 Build a habit of gratitude.

How do I practice gratitude without fail? Habit. Yes, make it a daily habit to be grateful for what you have.

Don’t miss a single day to count your blessings. Remark on a journal or simple diary about your progress and allot time for gratitude. You can make a gratitude list or do some gratitude exercises on monthly or annually.

8 Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the biggest tool to practice gratitude in daily life. It helps you to be rational about each circumstance. By mindfulness, you can focus more on what makes you happy.

You can consciously think about things you are grateful for like warm weather, having a nice dinner, reached office on time, your kids behave well, any small event can count.

9 Spend some time in nature.

Nature is just like a mother, it gives us so much and never takes back. Sit at a park or your home garden and feel the smell of flowers, look at the leaves, the colors and shapes of plants.

smiling man standing near green trees

How incredible all these are? We should be thankful to nature who gives us so much to live. Feel grateful for each of these goodness in nature.

10 Less use of social media.

We all love to share our lovely pics and get tons of comments. But limitless use of social media is secretly creating anxiety and jealousy.

You never notice and you start comparing your life with those pictures and apparently feeling bad about that person for no reason. So limit the addiction of technology in life.

11 Read self-help books.

When you read motivational books their words impact your mind and soul. When you start reading self-help books, you are able to find the real purpose of your life.

Self-help books help your personal growth. You are now more resilient and positive towards every negative event of your life.

Let me know which book changed your way of thinking.

12 Visit the neighborhood.

When a family is far away, the neighborhood is the first place we can ask for help. Go to your neighborhood, ask them for dinner and have a healthy conversation.

man wearing black cap with love your neighbour print during daytime

13 Do at least one random act of kindness.

Kindness is not a charity fund or money. You can help an old lady to pick her bags, help a little child in the study, talk to people who suffer from mental illness, these are some examples of how you practice gratitude in daily life without spending a dollar.

By feeling gratitude about others you get a feeling of kindness and you recognize how your little efforts can change someone’s life.

14 Greet others.

Everybody is so busy achieving but you need to stop and greet people around you.

Be thankful and grateful to the people you meet. Make more human connection and greet others to make them feel good.

15 Volunteer yourself.

Giving back to society is a much-appreciated gratitude example. By volunteer yourself in any social cause, you pay your share to humanity.

16 Have more face to face conversation.

In the previous point, we ask for writing a note to practice gratitude. But how about telling the person in front?

Text or good comment on any picture is not a very good way to make others feel happy. The more you have face to face conversation, the more you understand people and know the strengths and importance of them.

17 Play for some time.

I am not a kid who plays all the time. Yes. That’s what a beauty of childhood, you play and forget about all the worries.

person plays soccer ball on white sands

Playing shifts your focus. By playing with your kids, you are not only increase bonding between family members, but you are also leading a physically and mentally fit life ahead.

Finding some time to play outside can increase happiness and gratitude in everyday life.

18 Pray together.

It’s not like to be a Jesus follower, but prayers have the power to calm you down and bring a deep satisfaction for life. Pray together for a happy life and feel grateful for what you have today.

19 Self-care.

Will self-care make me more grateful? You won’t believe but yes. If you are happy and healthy, you are more likely to become a positive person who encourages and helps others.

By developing self-care habits, you are finding gratification for yourself.

20 Positive affirmations.

You become what do you say about yourself every day. By saying these Positive Affirmations you can reconnect with your subconscious mind to vision good incidents.

21 Start a day with your favorite gratitude quote.

Gratitude quotes are so powerful and inspiring to kick start a dull morning.

22 Do 15 min meditation.

Meditation spreads positive vibes in your soul. You feel a balanced life and a new vision to see this world as you are less stressed about unimportant things.

women doing meditation outdore

21 Maintain a daily or weekly gratitude list.

When you write down why you are grateful, you are convincing yourself that you have a good life. By making a list you are acknowledging and appreciating the things you should be thankful for.

22 Remind yourself about positive things about yourself.

Apart from positive affirmations, keep reminding yourself of what you are good at. I am kind enough to let go of other people’s harsh comments and forgive them.

Being a grateful person, you always do positive self-talk.

23 Tweak negative statements and rephrase them.

I am not lucky, so I didn’t get the chance.

Now read this, I didn’t get the chance but I am grateful that I can try it next year too. Tweak it, and repeat to feel more gratitude in everyday life.

24 Try to help others.

Helping others gives us a sense of satisfaction. You might wonder it improve health and you can live longer by practicing gratitude in your life.

26 Listen to inspiring podcasts and videos.

Listen to some motivational videos or podcasts which always boost a dose of motivation in daily life.

27 Make healthy food.

fruit lot on ceramic plate

There is a direct link between healthy eating and gratitude. People who eat more intentionally, lead a more grateful life. You can start with these easy healthy habits from today.

28 Don’t limit yourself on monetary benefits.

Setting a goal in life is beneficial. But don’t just set money targets. Try this year some personal goals.

What do you want to learn this year? Guitar or skateboard? You must decide something new and challenging activity which you can really enjoy and feel happy.

29 Do some gratitude exercises.

You can make a gratitude jar, garden area, or decorate the tree with things you are grateful for. By these, you are focusing on good things.

30 Live in the present.

There is so much stress in everyday life. You don’t have to worry so much about the past and the future and try some of these stress relief tips.

There is so much stress in everyday life. You don’t have to worry so much about the past and the future and try some of these stress relief tips.

Gratitude is a choice

The impact of gratitude is on overall well being. The benefits of practicing gratitude in everyday life are always linked to a happy and healthy community.

You learned ways to practice gratitude more in daily life like writing a journal to help someone or just greet and say thank you. The purpose of our life fulfilled when we practice gratitude more.

Being grateful on a daily basis is quite challenging. The 6 figure income or lavish lifestyle can be everybody’s dream but you can actually feel more happy and satisfied when you practice gratitude on a regular basis.

Count each tiny blessings you have, make yourself to be grateful for what you have. This way you can be happy even if you don’t possess branded items.

There could be many things you love about your life and you must have some people who help and support you.

Let me know the people or things you are grateful for. What do you do to feel more gratitude?

Do you write a journal or ever wrote a thank you note??

If you like the positive vibe of this article, kindly share this with your family and friends.

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