How to Organize Your Life? 21 Simple Ways

Being late and I can’t find my keys. Ohh, I just forget to switch off my washing machine. Not again, my favorite shoes need to repair. That’s you??? We all need help in organization in life. But there are some ways to organize your life like a pro.

To organise your life in order, you need to develop good daily habits and an attitude of change. The organization in daily life is important to reduce stress from daily life and make you feel less overwhelmed.

The more you are organized, the more you feel happy because you don’t have to care too much about everyday tasks. There is less uncertainty in decision making which makes you less anxious over small changes in life.

People who are really organized always incorporate some common habits to get life organized and peaceful.

Here, I am writing the best tips and ways to organize your home and work life to create an amazing life you always dream of.

21 Simple ways to organize your life now

1 Declutter mailbox weekly
It’s freaking when you see hundreds of mails everyday. It takes just less than 5 min to check your mailbox. Read and delete if not so important.

Unsubscribe from all channels and subscriptions like magazines, marketing websites, and blogs which don’t have any value in your daily life. Declutter your mailbox weekly to get rid of the overhead of checking not so useful mails.

Bonus tip: Create folders and label them. Drag and drop emails into related folder only. This will keep your mailbox more organized and you never stressed out to find one important mail.

2 Write/make a note for everything

Write everything you want to do or plan ahead. Write your grocery list, shopping list, meal planning, small expenses everything.

Don’t rely on your memory about each tiny detail. People who are more organized always have a habit of writing notes.

Use post-it stickers(can be used at the office desk or on your refrigerator), mobile apps or a simple diary.

Bonus tip: Have a pocket diary in your purse or laptop bag.

3 Make a bunch of 10 min tasks

If you notice there are a bundle of tasks to do which you can complete in less than 10 min.

Fold laundry.
Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
Arrange bed.
Check or reply to inquiry/personal emails.
Call to someone.
Pay bills.
Order or make a list of groceries.
Pack bags.
Arrange drawer.
Chop vegetables.

Can you imagine these are some productive tasks that you can do even if you are tired? Arrange your life by doing work smartly.

Let’s make a list of those chunk tasks and stay motivated by doing more in less time.

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4 Dedicate fix time for cleaning daily

Keep a fixed routine like 15-20 minutes for cleaning. Daily cleaning will make your life more organised. You can also make a weekly schedule of cleaning rooms.

Bonus tip: Dedicate weekdays for rooms and deep cleaning tasks(garage, wardrobe, bathrooms, sinks, electronic items, etc) on the weekend.

5 Delegate work if needed

If you are a stay at home mom, never feel bad to take the help of your husband. Here is what every SAHMs need from their husbands. You can assign age-appropriate chores to your kids, here is the guide to motivate kids to help you in daily work.

Delegating work improves the quality of your life. It will give you a less stressful life. By delegating extra work to family members or take the help of others, you stay a more energized organized and happier person.

6 Label everything

You might not wonder that you just throw out all your clothes to find a piece of matching jewelry!!!

It happens to all of us. To find small things we destroy our well-organized closet. Even just to find matching socks!!!

Keep things into a drawer or find good separators to arrange your stuff. Label each box. Label each item in the kitchen too.

Labeling is the best way to organize your life and saves a lot of time to juggle here and there for finding items.

7 Try batch work or uniformity concept

If you are a person who hates to see the big to-do list every week than try “batching”.

Batch working is a process where you dedicate specific hours or day to one task rather than try to do so many tasks.

Batch the general tasks of your weekly tasks. Make a grocery list of a month and shop once, do weekly meal planning, chop vegetables in advance, dedicate each weekday for one particular task, etc.

By batching similar tasks into your daily work life schedule, you can focus more on important things in your life. There will be less stress and you become a happier person.

8 Pick it Put it.

It’ s not rhyming but has a principle to put back things if you pick it up.

When you don’t follow this rule, there is always a pile of files on your desk, unnecessary items in your living room, the kitchen is totally messed up and your life becomes so disorganized.

You will soon become a procrastinator. To stay organized in life, put things back to the place where you pick them. A totally simple and smart organizational hack that you totally ignore.

9 Have a place for everything

Organize your home or office in such a way that every item has a dedicated little corner.

For example, keep a drawer specifically for bills and coupons, have boxes for medicines, allot shelves to each kid for his/her toys and books, have a cabinet for warm clothes, etc.

If you allocate a place for everything, you will notice that life will be seriously simplified and organized as everything is sorted out.

10 Follow your wrap it up routine

I am a twin mom and my two little kids give me a panic attack while getting ready for school. If you are a mom, you know the importance of each minute in the morning. Do you feel the morning time passes too fast??

So I build up an evening schedule, you can say it as “Wrap it up” routine. In that 15 min before sleep(or anytime in the evening), I make sure to put clothes in the bathroom, bags, overcoats, shoes ready to pick up. If its just snacks than I pack half of the lunch box at night only.

In the same way, you can make your routine to wrap up your whole day. Put back those plates on the table, place books on a shelf which you were reading, write out tomorrow’s tasks, apply a moisturizer or any self-care practice before sleep.

To start a rocking morning, wrap up an evening effectively. This daily habit will lead to a more organized and disciplined lifestyle forever.

11 Prioritize your tasks and track

In a single day, you have to do hundreds of tasks, big or small. How do you keep yourself organized without losing sanity?

Giving a priority to each task is a key that will make your life deadly organized. Make a to-do list and write your top priority tasks. Complete those tasks first.

Bonus tip: Start with smaller tasks first to get a momentum of getting things done.

12 Monthly declutter items

Have a habit of one in one out method. A simple and minimalist life is best to make life easier and organized. Mary kondo has a tremendously effective method to declutter to remain organized.

Throw those unnecessary CDs, donate books you have already read, check medicines and fridge packed food’s expiry date regularly on a monthly basis.

13 Get a planner

A planner is the best investment for an organized lifestyle. A planner is the best tool that helps me to organize life effectively.

Get track of your goals financial or personal by planning ahead.

14 Track your time

If you find yourself trapped in a cycle of work, you need to track your time. Time log helps you a lot to get an absolute idea where and how much time each task takes.

Time management will lead to a more balanced life. By tracking nonproductive work you manage your life in a better way.

15 Have a backup of everything

A simple habit of taking backups of everything (photos, documents, receipts, etc) saves you from any crisis.

Cleanup your mobile and laptop regularly. Delete unnecessary files and take a backup of important data each week. You can save your files on online paid space or simply into google drive to save space and make them safe for the future.

Bonus tip: You can scan old photos, important documents like driving license and save them into drive.

16 Use apps to schedule and remind events

Many of us are forgotten to write down in a notebook. As cellphones became an addiction we can use it for a better and more organised life.

Use some app like Evernote, trello to schedule your daily tasks which allows you to remind on time. You may use free inbuilt notes feature, Google calendar or just a doc file to write down important dates and events.

Bonus tip: Use Google calendar to remind birthdays, anniversaries for one week ahead so you can plan for gifts.

17 Have a master file of all password

I need to this honestly. As a blogger, I have various accounts on different platforms, some login portals to get more information plus my own personal emails and social accounts. Ohh I miss weird passwords of my daughters’ school apps.

So make a file where you store all registration service numbers and passwords to find it quickly.

18 Arrange with uniformity

You can also try uniformity concept to control everyday chaos. You may find that there are many successful people who follow color codes or unique clothing styles. Each day they just have to pick one dress.

How about choosing a whole week’s office wears on the weekend???

You can use the same type of jars with labels for herbs, drawers for each season’s clothes, a particular section for bags and shoes.

Try this concept and you just love to feel how organized you are in less time without spending much money on course or coaches.

19 Check bank account statement monthly

Money is the reason you and I work. So it’s important to track your savings and expenses.

Do check your bank account details monthly to be aware of your financial status. This way you know how much your effort to spend next month.

20 Get into silent mode once a week

Daily life is chaos and sometimes you need to slow down a little bit. Once a week detach yourself from the external world. Internet off, no hurry to finish things.

Give yourself at least 15 min silent or quiet time. Just you and your thoughts(you can listen to some soulful music). Let yourself wonder(wandering of mind is not actually bad).

Visualize and practice mindfulness. Being grateful is the key to a healthy, happy and peaceful life forever.

21 Learn to say NO

You love to be multi-tasker. Unfortunately, just to show others you have taken so much work.

It’s the most common habit of most organized people that they say NO when they don’t feel they will complete that much work.

It looks like a simple tip but hard to implement. You need to be selfish about the extra workload.

How organizational skills change your life?

Every one of us has an equal amount of time to do things. What makes you more productive and worthwhile? The way you organize your life on a daily basis is the key to being more successful in all aspects.

Planning ahead, develop a better time management skill, color, and label all stuff, take care of the budget, start automation are some of the habits of most organized people.

When life is hard, it’s time to be more organized in our work and everyday towards a betterment.

On a personal note, you and I both need to develop these organizational skills. I am in the process, do you get started?

For me, post-it notes and google calendar are my best weapons to fight against my bad habit of procrastination.

What’s your trick to staying organized in life? Why it matters to you?

Don’t forget to share and comment, your opinion matters most to me.

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