60+ Simple Productive Things To Do In Free Time

When boredom strikes, you take a selfie, scrolling Instagram or Facebook checking people who are not important for you. Right? Can I make a better way to spend my free time productively? When came back home after work you are so tired and not so motivated to do more work. What should I do to be productive? Here you will find a quick checklist of simple productive things to do in free time.

Perhaps the world’s second-worst crime is boredom. The first is being a bore. – Jean Baudrillard

We all have those days when we don’t want to do any work. There are some bad and unproductive days and you want to do some fun yet productive things to do in your spare time.

It’s not about only work but you might get bored at home and finding some free time activities to do. How do I spend my day productively when I don’t have the motivation to do any work?

There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people. – G.K. Chesterton

There are many interesting facts about life and one is you need to work no matter how much you hate. Kick-off that negative and self-sabotaging habit to procrastinate your daily work. Start developing some positive daily habits so you never lost your daily motivation.

If you are looking for what we should do in free time, this article is your bang on answer to get back enthusiasm and get work life balance.Hence I sorted out some productive things to do in my free time.

productive things to do in free time

66 Productive things to do when you get bored to do any work.

1. Check your inbox. Delete unwanted emails and sort them into folders.

2. Clean the memory of your laptop and phone. Delete those worst apps and videos.

3. Cancel subscriptions of product/ service/website/ forum/paid membership program which you no longer needed or not useful enough

4. Get your bank statement to track your financial budget

5. Arrange your working space or your favourite corner of home.

6. Fix a meeting you are avoiding for months.

7. Delegate or outsource the tasks you hate most to do

8. Write down your goals for next year

9. Call or text to important clients or any family member whom you are avoiding.

10. Write or read answers on Quora. Read real stories and real-life examples.

11. Do some networking. Find people who can help you and try to make connections with them. For every stay at home mom, please go out and make more mom friends or lay dates for a toddler to get some sanity in life.

12. Update your resume ( Ohh, I didn’t change a single line for years, I must do it )

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best ways to spend your time productively

13. Learn an app or program that manages your tasks visually like Trello, Asana, Click up, etc.

14. Start voice typing in google docs or learn to dictate text using speech recognition – this is a wonderful feature when you are tired of work and still you have to write things.

15. Learn a new skill from skillshare.com This best productive thing to learn on the internet.

16. See new or famous places in 360-degree views. It’s amazing, you don’t have to spend money and visit new places in seconds. Have you tried this?

17. Write down a daily activity log. It’s important for your personal growth.

18. Write down your delayed tasks or projects and ask for help to complete them. Even you can just brainstorm the reasons why you failed at any task and find a way to conquer it.

19. Start journaling. A simple act to create a happy life.

20. Start a blog on your favorite topic. You can write for us too.

21. Write down your bucket list

22. Plan for next day

23. Write a handwritten letter to any of your dear one

24. Repaint your wall, recreate or rearrange your house.

25. When you are bored at home, this is one of the best fun activities to do at home. Check your old photos and make a DIY frame to hang out on a newly painted wall.

26. Become a Volunteer at some social cause. Help others.

27. Take a walk or jog in the nearby garden. Simple jogging improves your mental health. If you don’t believe it, check this article.

28. Find out a new healthy recipe to try out. Eating junk food when you get are free is a toxic habit you need to quit today.

29. Read the books

30. Watch Ted Talks episodes on your favorite topic

31. Doodle something

doodle art of flower

32. Sit in silence and think about your life

32. Try meditation for 15 minutes. Meditation is one of the best stress relief techniques.

33. Try a new style and makeup ( Try that blue eyeliner you never tried or that polka dot dress which you think is not so good)

34. Take one hour bath.

35. Try some self-care at home.

36. Make a list of things that makes you happy, a happiness list.

37. Join some free webinars you are interested in.

38. Take a class. It can be yoga, drawing, dancing anything

39. Write your gratitude list- things and people you are grateful for.

40. Write your Not-TO Do list ( Shocking, yes we need to identify those distractions)

41. Have a social media detox and gadget-free day. Click here to ok ow best tips to tame gadget guru in yourself.

42. Load and unload the dishwasher before you run out of clean dishes!!!

43. Arrange your wardrobe

44. Read inspirational quotes, print them and hang out on the wall

45. Clear up the laundry and Iron clothes

46. Stitching those buttons which you avoided each week, it really takes 1 min to stitch something.

47. Find out upcoming free event and fair at the town

48. Write a letter to yourself

49. Plan your next vacation

person looking at map on brown parquet floor

50. Appreciate someone. How the hack it increases productivity? It works for your better mental health and the performance of your team members.

51. Discuss the failed projects with experts and team members. You can find a counsellor or an elderly person to discuss your relationships or personal issues.

52. Have a get-together or lunch at out.

53. Make a list of healthy habits you need to develop

54. Get the dose of humor. Watch your favorite comedy show, meet any pleasing personality or read sarcastic stories

55. Try Gardening, replace old pots and feel the nature.

56. Visit the local farmer market and get some organic food for yourself

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57. Set up your calendar with important dates and birthdays

58. Review your old policies and financial plans

59. Do your health check-up.

60. Spend some time with kids. I am a twin mom and I  asked my daughters to name 3 things which they want to know more:

1. The moon ( Why it’s not full moon always?)

2. Everything about Barbies’ clothes and sandals

3. How to train a puppy? Never underestimate kids.

Kids have a great sense of curiosity when you answer their questions or just talk to them your mind sharpens more.

61. Design something. Try Canva, Adobe Photoshop to make banners, business card or other templates.

62. Declutter your home. Decluttering is the best productive thing you do in your free time to improve your life.

arranged home with blue fabric sofa

63. If the weather is good, go out and play or can go for cycling.

64. Practice with a mirror. If you are a blogger you can practice with a mirror on how to speak in front of a camera.

If you are working somewhere, practice for presentation and public speaking skills. This free activity helps to boost your confidence and grow your productivity in the future.

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65. Do some exercise, it will make you a mentally strong person

66. If you are tired of doing work, play educational games for adults like Sudoku, crossword, You Don’t Know Jack to turn a non- productive day to a productive day with a learning experience.

67. Stock your fridge and prepare for week’s meal like chopping and making extra sauce to avoid the burden of kitchen tasks.

68. If you have a pet, visit your veterinary physician for a checkup.

How do I spend my spare time productively?

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

– Ellen Parr

Be curious and cautious about what you are doing in your everyday life. Let not that boredom at work/home depression crushes your time and future.

There are many productive things to do in free time which actually not work. You can analyse your goals, update old information, learn new skills, make new friends or just take a must needed nap in your free time.

Even while you are getting bored there are many productive things to do on the phone and the internet, just search for your interest.

Have your coffee, get a hot bath and energized yourself with some exercise. Take a break with that daily boring work at home and do some productive things in your free time to have a rocking life.

This is my list, do you want to add more suggestions? Write straight in the comment section. All of us going to use this list!!!

Which ones are your favorites from this list?

What you do when you are feeling so bored or tired too much from work? Coffee??

Don’t forget to share this article so all of us have the best life.

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