Short Positive Affirmations For Anxiety Relief

When anxiety hits you, you feel like numb. Your body and mind are uncontrollable. Sometimes it feels like a heart attack and you can’t breathe. What to do when anxiety or panic attack strikes? Positive affirmations for anxiety can make a great impact to feel better in such a situation.

According to this research, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US. It affects over 40 million adults. Many of us hide this or cope with it through medicines, physical or mental activities or holistic approach. Among these, positive affirmations can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and bring back you in the present moment more smoothly.

Positive affirmations work magically for any mental health issues like depression, anxiety or panic attacks. You have to practice affirmations like a daily habit to improve your life.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling so hard. People who are dealing with anxiety or depression only can understand how hard it is to live with it. You can read some real stories of people with mental illness HERE.

We have compiled a list of short positive affirmations for anxiety to calm and relax your body. But let’s first deep dive into it.

positive and powerful short affirmations for anxiety

What is a positive affirmation and how to use it?

Every word you speak will create an impact on your life. An affirmation is literally anything you speak or think about yourself, it can be positive or negative. If the world seems so much negative for you than you have to reprogram your mind for positive affirmations.

Last month I read Louise Hay’s book – You can heal your life. I am not going to write a full review but If you want to make a happy life and struggling to overcome negative things in your life, it’s the best self-help book.

As the book says your subconscious mind has real power, use it more to get what you want. And let me tell you a secret, our subconscious mind has a bad sense of humor.

The subconscious mind takes what you speak, it will make you a sad person if you constantly keep saying I am not good enough. So be careful what you repeatedly speak about yourself.

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Basically, short positive affirmations are simple statements which you repeat for bringing a subtle change in your life.

You need to speak such statements daily to see a drastic change in your life. Read the reasons here to know why daily affirmations are so impactful.

If your life is falling back because of anxiety you need to do some powerful daily affirmations for sure. You can start writing in a journal or speak those lines in a loud tone at a definite time of your day 3-4 times.

People are using positive affirmations for various reasons like good health, money, happiness, find true love, etc.

Have you ever used affirmations before?

There is always a question on a good thing. Why I can’t get what I want even if I do positive affirmations? How to use affirmations effectively for a better life? Does it really work?

It works only when you have faith in it or you are actually ready to make a change in your life. So prepare yourself first if you want to improve the quality of your life.

How positive affirmations work best for anxiety?

When you are suffering because of anxiety attacks, the only person who can help you is YOU.

Uttering 2-3 positive phrases to yourself can calm you down instantly. To ease daily anxiety or panic attacks you have to practice self-talk. Positive self-talk is more powerful than any medicines. Such affirmations can help you to change the negative or fear-based beliefs into positive vibes.

You have to develop a habit of affirmations for 5 – 10 minute almost 3-4 times in a day to fight with your daily anxiety and panic. You can read here if you want to use affirmations effectively.

Remember, affirmations work best when you practice it regularly. It takes only 5-10 minutes and I think you can easily spare this much time to make your life happy forever.

Best examples of positive affirmations for anxiety, depression or fear.

I am calm and confident.

I can inhale positive vibes and exhale negative vibes.

This too shall pass.

I will let go of all my emotions and see hope.

I am grateful for all the things I have.

Today is the day to start.

I am safe and blessed.

I am ready for change.

I deserve to be loved.

I am capable to face the fear.

Anxiety can’t stop to make my dreams come true.

I have all the power in my mind and body.

I will only allow for healthy things

I dare to overcome

I am not a survivor, I am a warrior who fights back.

I make it through.

I can control my thoughts and say “shut up” to all craps.

I will find a way to solve this problem too.

I am full of positive energy that nobody can drag me down.

Every dark night ends with a brighter future.

I cherish every moment.

I am what I am – nobody can define me.

My heart is full of love and happiness.

It’s okay not to be like others.

I am in the process to make an amazing life.

My sole purpose is to serve.

I am allowed to express pain.

I appreciate the challenges.

I will not fear to make mistakes but I will learn and grow.

My smile is my pain killer

All the ambiguity will disappear and I can see new opportunities.

I will not stimulate anger, I choose happiness forever.

I have the power to change.

I don’t compare, I uplift others.

Feelings will come and go, I will respond rather than react.

I am exactly where I suppose to be

My body will relax as I command.

This world is full of possibilities and I will find all.


One day you feel awesome and another day you feel like it’s an end. This happens when anxiety attacks you. Apart from medicines and meditation, affirmation is the only thing which heals you in the long run and brings back that confidence.

Do a lot of self-talk and say these positive affirmations 2-3 times in a day, if possible say it loudly. When you focus on such positive affirmations, you are distracting yourself from negative thoughts. You immediately move into your comfort zone where you feel safe and loved.

Such daily positive self-affirmations will work so powerfully to reduce and calm down the stress, anxiety or panic attack and worthwhile to conquer your own fears.

Remember, A person who wins in mind will win in reality too.

Have faith and courage to come out of this dilemma.

You can do it and you will, all you need is “willingness”.

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression too?

Have you tried positive affirmations to relax your body?

I will feel blessed if you like to share your struggle and triumph.

Don’t forget to share this post to send more positive vibes in the universe.

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