11 Powerful Reasons Why Gratitude is Important in Life

Let’s do a challenge. For 5 minutes look around yourself, observe and now tell me 3 things that make you grateful. How many of you can count more than 3 blessings? Very few, right? Do you ever feel the importance of gratitude in life?

The world is full of opportunities and we are choice makers. We have to choose the right angel to see every negative event and have to learn not to think of it as a result or as a failure, take it as a learning experience and by developing these habits to be happy forever.

Today, your co-worker comes to you and greet. You found it suspicious and thinking of why he greets me. Rather than being grateful for it, you might start thinking negatively. That’s where the power of gratitude works. You are taking every negative emotion in a positive way. So let’s deep dive into how gratitude works and how it is beneficial for your overall well being.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation felt by and/or similar positive response shown by the recipient of kindness, gifts, help, favors, or other types of generosity, towards the giver of such gifts.

In simple language, gratitude is an emotion or feeling of being thankful for every event in your life. By having gratitude in life, you develop a positive attitude towards all odds in life and feel thankfulness for all the people you meet in your life span.

In psychology, gratitude is not given much importance before but after deep study, gratitude comes out as one of the greatest factors that instill positivity and overall well being in anyone’s life.

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What are the benefits of gratitude in life?

Being grateful and noticing a remarkable change in your life is a slow process. You can’t see the benefits of gratitude instantly, it takes efforts.

Having a feeling of gratitude is not exactly any spiritual or religious thinking but yes we can see a direct correlation between them. So it’s not a trend, it works gradually.

Life is hard but the best thing that reminds you what makes you happy is gratitude. It works as a medicine to heal us. There is significant importance of gratitude in our lives.

11 Powerful Benefits of practicing gratitude in everyday life

1 Gratitude makes you a happier person.

By Practicing Gratitude in life, you are counting your blessings every day intentionally. This habit makes you a happier person day by day.

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2 Gratitude builds a positive personality.

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When you accept life with all difficulties, you grow up as a more mature and positive person. Gratitude makes you feel like a resilient person.

This is the greatest benefit of gratitude as you develop a positive mindset about life after practicing it daily. You are grateful for what you have in your life not what you don’t have.

3 You have good sleep and feel more relaxed.

If you can not develop a habit to write a journal than just try 5 minutes of gratitude exercise.

By finding just 5 minutes before sleep to think about what good things happen in a day can improve your mental health drastically. You will notice that you can sleep better after this gratitude exercise before bed.

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You can let go of all the bad memories of the day and reminding your subconscious mind about good incidents before sleep. This way you are feeling more relaxed and get a perfect sleep without fear of uncertainty of each day.

4 It helps you to increase productivity.

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When you are grateful for your life, you are more excited to show what’s coming up. You are energized to work ahead and enjoy your life’s progress.

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Gratitude benefits you to be more focused on better things. After practicing gratitude on a daily basis, you are inspired to make better decisions.

5 It helps you to live a long and healthy life.

You need to develop some habits to live a healthier life. But without hitting a gym you can actually feel healthier from inside.

It’s an unpopular benefit of gratitude and the study proves that people who are grateful, have a good immune system.

By practicing gratitude daily, your self-awareness increases and you can notice toxic habits that are stopping you to create the healthy life you want.

6 It improves your mental health.

Gratitude only provides lifelong peace and happiness. When you realize the importance of gratitude in daily life, you have more control over your negative emotions.

When we express gratitude, our brain produces some chemicals which make us feel good and you experience happiness from the inner side.

You are capable to accept the struggle in everyday life and embrace your soul by thankful to all the bad moments as new learning.

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7 It helps to heal over trauma and bad incidents in life.

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Life is an unsolved mystery. You might suffer from cruel incidents but the only way to let go of your past is to keep looking for goodness.

What’s good today? I was late, but I got a seat on the train. What happens today that I am feeling blessed? My daughter wakes up early and said goodbye, her smiling face made my day. These are some examples of gratitude.

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Rather than focusing on bad incidents, you have to keep feeling gratitude in everyday life by noticing the small good things happening around yourself. Sooner you are able to identify that every bad incident is a testimony and it gives you a life’s biggest lesson for you must be grateful.

8 Gratitude increases bonding in a relationship.

She made a coffee for me, what’s big? He just does his job, was it so much admirable? I have kids so I am too busy, is this a good thing? Yes, you have to be grateful.

Family is all you have in this world and if you are not feeling grateful about it on a daily basis you miss the rejoice of having it.

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girl and boy child reading book sitting between father and mother beside Christmas tree family time

Family is all you have in this world and if you are not feeling grateful about it on a daily basis you miss the rejoice of having it.

When last time you said thank you to your partner?

I know you don’t have to say thank you every time but sometimes a simple note or few admiring words do magical in a relationship.

These are some ways you can practice gratitude every day in the life. The people who are happy always share a common habit to appreciate others.

Kids at an early stage too, feel blessed and loved if you show and teach them about gratitude. So start today, text your partner right now what you like about him/her( don’t forget to comment me the reaction!).

9 Gratitude benefits to building more trust and enthusiasm.

Gratitude is simply a sense of awareness where you can see the positive side of any aspect. If you practice gratitude, you actually detox all negative vibes from your life and enthusiastic to see what’s coming next.

You are now confident enough to trust others and taking life as a lifelong opportunity to learn and explore. Every day you are counting your blessings and the people who are thankful for.

10 Gratitude leads to a less self-centered and materialistic life.

Gratitude benefits you to take care of others’ emotions. You are grateful for what you have so you are living a more intentional and less materialistic lifestyle after practicing gratitude.

By doing daily gratitude exercise or making a gratitude list you are accepting the positive influence of other people. You came to know-how as a human being we all are connected and by building more trust we can really have a blessed life forever.

11 Gratitude benefits overall well being.

People who practice gratitude, always see appreciation and support without making many efforts.

Grateful people not only lead a happy and healthy life they can build a successful career too. Gratitude benefits self-control in overall life which leads to a highly motivated and disciplined life.

For example, if you want to quit any toxic habits, the attitude of gratitude leads to stronger self-control to overcome bad behavior.

By studying, it’s proven that a person who practice gratitude more always lead a healthier lifestyle and overall well being.

Why is it good to practice gratitude?

A grateful person experiences a higher level of positive thoughts like love, happiness, and less stress level.

When we practice gratitude in life, we are creating a happy and less competitive life around ourselves, therefore, the overall well being of human beings increases.

After considering all the benefits of gratitude, you are quite sure that gratitude really works and its importance in society is remarkable. You can practice gratitude by writing a journal or make a gratitude list as a reminder.

Have you ever find gratitude helped in your life?

What bothers most to practice gratitude?

In the end, I am still asking you the same question, name 3 things you are grateful for?

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