How To Get Rid Of Emotional Pain In Your Life

Emotional trauma is heartbreaking and strenuous to the mind triggered due to a tragic event in our life. Death of loved ones, long term relationship breakups, financially in debt, rejection and abandonment, etc causes anxiety and stress exceeding the tolerance level. For instance, contemplation of the best memories with the loved ones or the future without them becomes a continuous routine. This practice could lead to imaginations on living with the dead termed as psychological disorders. Victims with the disorders generally have intense feelings of anger and very low self-regard prompting them to die soon. Depending on how mentally tough we are to cope up with the pressure, the faster we can move on and eradicate the trauma. Let’s work together to build a better world.

I’ve experienced a trauma due to rejection when I was a teenager. I was an introvert with very low self-esteem accumulating all my emotions. I felt lonely even in the presence of my family. I was too silent, living in my own world thinking always and couldn’t comprehend human emotions. People judged me with incorrect notions due to which I couldn’t make more friends. But adulthood and change of environment and people somehow got me out of this trauma. I’ve become an extrovert, loving myself and being happy and peaceful.

The experience of pain is a great lesson and makes us stronger with the right attitude.


Some of the ways that we can follow and should avoid to recover from the trauma:


Do activities you like or follow your passion:

Spend your time joining a class, involving in sports or other adventurous activities to divert your mind. Following your passion enhances self-confidence and boosts your esteem.

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

Share with a friend:

You always feel better and supportive when you explain your situation to a closed and understanding buddy. Your mind calms down on bursting out your emotions

Spend time with people you like:

Spending time with your closed ones makes you feel better mentally, confident and supportive. Avoid socializing with negative attitude persons or those suffering from similar pain. That would be the worst step to do.

Happiness is spending time with people you love and creating memories that last a lifetime.



It is the best solution to relax during such a misery. Enjoying the travel destinations would distract you from the negative thoughts.

Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.

Paulo Coelho

Help others:

Creating impacts in the lives of others gives immense joy within yourself like how I am creating a minor change in your life after reading this article. This again increases your self-confidence.

Helping others is the way we help ourselves.

Oprah Winfrey

Take care of your health:

Never skip any meal. It’s advisable to take special care of your body for your mind to function normally. Avoid eating junk food regularly. Similarly, getting adequate sleep of 8 hours is needed.

We really have to find out self-destroying toxic habits to have a happy and healthy life.

Practice meditation, pranayama, yoga with gratitude:

Yoga coordinates your body and mind. Meditation and pranayama (breathing exercise) allows you to get rid of extreme anguish. Constantly practicing these tasks will have a great positive effect on you. Showing gratitude to the society for your well-being through words returns more prosperity in life.

Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.

Publilius Syrus

At the worst, consult a psychiatrist:

If nothing works out for you, it’s mandatory to consult a psychiatrist.

Have backup plans in life:

Be prepared for the future financially and have alternative solutions prepared to not be in extreme debt.


Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.

Rob Gilbert

Alcohol, Drugs, Weeds:

Avoid drinking, smoking or being addicted to drugs to escape from the reality. You are not only physically affected but also your life becomes more miserable involving in such activities.

Immoral or violent activities and suicide:

Your mind is the worst enemy for you during this situation. If you are growing more violent internally, it’s time to consult a doctor or involve in spiritualism practicing yoga and meditation. If adequate measures aren’t taken, it ends up in catastrophe.

Nothing good ever comes of violence.

Martin Luther

Accumulating emotions:

There is no point accumulating all the negative emotions inside you. This again converts you into a wild animal. It’s advisable to talk about it to your closed ones and calm yourself down at times.

Don’t let your emotions make you their bitch.


Avoid doing the same routine:

It’s good to change your routine and indulge in multiple activities for your mind to relax. Practice yoga in the morning, try cooking a new dish, go out for food or dress shopping or watch a movie in a cinema theatre etc. Multiple activities in a day rather than just having a long day at work diverts the mind and improves positivity within us.

Only I can change my life no one can do it for me.

Carol Burnett

Don’t curse or use vulgar words at anyone:

Cursing is indirectly being cruel to you as karma is a general rule to all. Avoid using vulgar words when you are agitated as you might end up being embarassed showing your practice in front of the diplomatic crowd.

Don’t use poisonous words against anyone, for words wound more fatally than even arrows.

Sathya Sai Baba

Staying in solitude:

Being in solitude always is not advisable. Our mind holds on to the negative things in solitude which could be eliminated when people are around.

Isolation is a painful thing and beyond human endurance.

Jules Verne

Taking revenge:

It’s pointless taking revenge at anyone who has left you in pain. They have their own punishments for that. It need not be from you which makes no difference between you and that person.

Don’t accumulate debt to fulfill your aims:

Incrementing debt is disastrous. Think well about your financial backgrounds before being in debts. Instead, reduce your luxury life blaming on removal of bad karma.

I’ve been following some of the above steps in my life. They have helped me a lot to become a better person each and every day. Following the tips and eliminating the ones in the don’ts section would definitely bring positive impacts in your mind. Recovery could consume time depending on the person, thenceforth having the right attitude and being patient will definitely bring a positive change in your life at the right time.

Exclusively for introverts:

Follow your passion, help others and try sharing your problems at least with the ones you feel comfortable with. This enhances your confidence and eradicates loneliness.

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