30 Positive things to say to your child to build confidence

I can’t do this. I will not win so I want to quit. Is this your child? I hear this too and feeling like failed in parenting. We all want to raise self-motivated and confident kids. But when giving up seems an easy option for your kid, as a parent you need to say positive things to your child every day to build confidence again. Your kind words secretly stimulate positive behavior in your child.

The world is highly competitive and our expectation is too high for our kids. Sometimes children are under pressure to perform well or they are typical naysayers. What I can do if my child says no each time? How can I build confidence in my child? There is the only way to boost their confidence is: use positive words on a daily basis to make your child feel more loved and confident.

Each positive talk with your child is enriching self-esteem in themselves. They become a more positive and confident child to face each challenge in their life. These are basic life skills you need to develop in your child.

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My twin girls are introverts by nature and on each competition day they want to give up as they don’t have the confidence to win. I noted in each discussion that they are too scared to lose. They don’t like crowds and fear that they will not perform well.

I make a habit of using positive phrases around themselves which made a noticeable difference in their attitude. Now they have the confidence to face the problem not to hide by it each time. Your positive words matter most to your child and they impulse a positive self-talk behavior as they grew up.

Below are some examples of positive things to say to your child to build confidence and strengthen the bond between parent and child every day.  I hope this works well as it works for me.

Positive Things to Say to Your Child to Build Confidence

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1. You always have great ideas

Praise with purpose. Appreciate your child’s ability to think about solutions. Make them feel that they can think about it and find an answer to a problem. So say this positive line on a daily basis to your kid that h/she gives good suggestions. Say this positive line to increase the creativity and curiosity to take challenges.

2. What do you think about this?

I know you think your child is too little to understand big problems. But always ask them for their opinion even on serious matters. By saying this, you are proving that your child is also an important member of the family and his/her opinion matters.

You can actually learn what’s the matter that bothering your kids. With the use of this powerful phrase, you are boosting self-confidence to talk and discuss problems.

You never know your kid who can’t even spell well, teach you the biggest life lesson! 

3. I appreciate your efforts.

I highly recommend you to use this positive phrase every day to instill confidence in your child.

Your kids do not get good grades on a test and instead of rolling eyes or make them see how disappointed you are with them, you need to appreciate their efforts. This is a sign of the best positive parenting practices.

4. I am grateful to you.

If you want to raise a kind and grateful child, you have to show them how grateful you are by having them in their life. Don’t wait for a special day, tell them every day how grateful you are.

5. You did well, I am proud of you.

Acknowledge the good habit of your child and cherish in front of family. When your child gets a positive remark on each little success he is highly self-motivated. Your child will do his best for each new attempt.

6. It’s okay if you made it. All of us make mistakes.

It’s not a crime to make a mistake. Our mistakes improve us and they show us where we have to work more.

Never humiliate or scold your child when he tries new things and failed. There are long term side effects of yelling at kids. He will never cope with such negative comment in his whole life span. So take a pledge to speak good things about failure in front of your kid.

7. Every time you can not win, sometimes you have to learn.

Who wants to loose the game? But there will be only one winner. As a parent, we never have to pressurize our child to win. We have to make sure that they know the value of failure too.

You learn many things when you get failed and never have to feel disheartened or feel bad to lost the game.

Most of the kids have a fear of failure and don’t have the confidence to face the competition. Release the pressure of win and say some positive words to your kid to stop them saying NO each time.

8. I really like when you do …

When I entered the room, the toys are at their place and I can’t believe the room looks so clean. Twin girls mean double rack of toys and this is a magical moment. So I appreciated and say wonderful words to my daughters each time on such a surprising act of kindness towards me.

Make sure you identify each positive change in your child’s behavior and praise them each time. No matter how small the task was, don’t miss a chance to hug them and say positive things to your child.

9. You are good at  …

Ohh you are good at arranging dishes. You do well putting back things after grocery shopping. Wow, you packed your bag without asking.

Find those things which give your child a sense of recognition. They feel motivated and confident enough to do more good things.

10. What is good about today?

A negative mindset never raises a happy and confident child. Ask about good things about today and feel excited with them on each good events.

This question always recalls all the good and positive moments which definitely change your typical naysayer child’s attitude.

11. I love you the way you …

I love the way you smile. I love the way you take care of your little sister. I love the way you feed our dog. Positive affirmations always work.

Tell positive things to your child’s behavior and motivate them to repeat that kind and well-mannered behavior in the future.

12. I am sure you can do it.

Believe- this word is a pillar of any confident and strong child. When you start saying this positive phrase to your child, there is no way that any self-doubt comes into his mind.

13. Yes, you were right.

You need to accept your mistakes in front of your kids. You as a parent are their role models, their character shape what they saw. This also gives a sense of affirmation for their right thinking and they will not fear you for telling truths.

If they are actually wrong, don’t say directly and rephrase your sentence like yes, you were right but I think you need to think about this way too.

14. You need to compete with only one person – yourself.

Never compare but compete- this is a golden rule of effective parenting tactics in the modern world. It’s easy to compare with other children but it gives an inferiority feeling and your child will never have the courage to speak up.

Tell them that they are the best and they have to work on themselves only. This way your child will lead a more successful and competition-free life forever.

15. Your grades are not everything, your efforts do that.

If your child is a student this positive talk is must say. There are many real-life examples where people get tremendous success in spite of low grade at school. So talk positively about grades as a student to your kid.

16. Hard work beats talent.

There are many people in this world who are gifted. They learn easily but hard work always beats talent. Say this thing to your child every day so that your child has faith in hard work not just in luck.

17. You make me feel proud.

Don’t feel it’s an over pampering behavior to say how much you proud of your children. They must know how important they are.

18. Tell me why you don’t want to do this.

Stop behaving like this. Instead of this negative line choose to discuss their bad behavior.

Ask them when your child misbehaves or not interested to do some activity. Be ready to listen to their opinion too.

19. I know you did before so you can do it this time too.

Each new step is hard for your kid. It’s easy to get frustrated when he/she doesn’t get success even trying 3-4 times. Speak those encouraging words and boost up the confidence of your child.

20. Let’s see how difficult it is.

Offer help but never interrupt. Assist your child and never let them give up so easily.

21. Every new thing looks scary but it’s exciting too.

Change is difficult. Prepare your child about challenges and remind them how exciting that is. Challenge them.

22. Do you know how I did this? Tell your story.

The story is a powerful and best way to strengthen the bond between parents and child. Tell them about your success story. How you even scared of lizard! Tell them it’s normal to have fear but all you want to do is overcome that fear by making good efforts.

23. Be kind and clap for others.

Tell them how everyone is respectful and struggling hard. Always be positive towards others and never have hate feeling to get real happiness in life.

24. Don’t be scared, I am always there for you.

Support is what let you stand strong in bad times. Our kids must know that their parents are always there and available to help them in any way.

25. You are brave.

You are a coward, it’s not too high to jump. Look, other kids do better than you. These kinds of negative things reinforce the negative self-image into themselves. Tell them they are brave to face any challenges.

26. You are capable to do anything.

Keep reminding by your positive words that your kid can do new things and how enthralling experience it is to try new things.

27. I always believe you.

Hold hands, look straight into eyes and say this. Positive things you are saying to your child on a daily basis is the best parenting practice.

28. Everybody is special.

You don’t need to create a fairy tale world around your kid but you must remind them that everybody has a talent. All you need to do is work hard to sharpen your skills.

29. Let me help you to do this.

Unmotivated children need a little push from parents. Just offer help and show them ways how they can do better.

30. Wow, tell me how you do that?

Once a child completes a task say such encouraging words. Your son solves an easy math problem, ask him to show it again and praise him for his efforts.

Positive language is a game-changer

I know you want to build a safe home where everyone feels loved and cared for. The positive language inside the house is the greatest factor that makes a happy family.

We secretary making some parenting mistakes, and it’s time to change our view. Speaking kind words to your child is not the hardest thing, you will surely use to it once you start doing it.

To make your child a more responsible adult, you need to speak those positive things to your child to make them more confident. Hope this list of positive things to say to your child to build confidence helps you too.

Do you ever feel positive phrases changed your child’s behavior?

What’s your favorite thing you say to your child every day?

Your little kids need a positive story to be told, are you telling it to them?

Share it and feel free to help us to add more positive things.

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