10 Daily Habits That Will Actually Improve Your Life

Life is utterly exhilarating yet terrifying. In your entire lifespan, you might face many changes and undoubtedly most of the changes in life would horrify you. How can we face change with confidence? How can you make a better version of yourself? Develop some daily habits to improve the quality of your life. You can actually feel a real change in your life after developing such healthy habits daily.

Creating a healthy habit is not easy. You need continuous motivation and deep faith in yourself. Rather than making drastic changes in your routine life, I would suggest you, create some daily habits that will actually change your life.

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You can really improve your life for the better after building such habits daily.

There are some bad habits that you must quit today to change your life and thrive daily habits to improve life.

Let’s see which are these simple yet important daily habits which you should develop to improve your life actually:

1. Making your own bed

All of you know that waking up early in the morning is a great habit that each successful person possesses. Accepted. As your day starts early, you can be more productive throughout the day.

wake up early

So you start getting up early in the morning with great effort. What you do next?  Scroll your Facebook or Instagram feed, am I right? Instead of being early at work, you might be late!!!

Making your own bed is a less talked yet super effective daily healthy habit that you must develop to improve your life.

It’s just not an organizational hack but it has a powerful effect on your day. By making your own bed, you can move out of night’s sleep and actually have discipline at the very start of the morning. You are now done with one of your to-do list things so it will lift up more positive vibes into you.

What’s the greatest outcome of this daily habit?

You are now awakened fully and not lying on the bed again. Making your own bed is the greatest motivation to kill your laziness in the morning.

Do this for one week, let’s see how much your life improve by this habit.

2. Drink water+ lemon

You MUST drink a glass of water after waking up. Why? You were sleeping for around 6-8 hours at night so to rehydrate your body you have to drink a glass of water after waking up.

I am so sure you are well aware of the importance of drinking water in your daily life. You might be confused or forget to drink water then there are some apps too, to track your water intake. So use technology for betterment. What I recommend is lemon+water, for some great results.

Lemon with warm water in an empty stomach in morning works best to lose weight and increase metabolism rate. But there are few other benefits too. Lemon juice is also helpful to the cleanliness of the liver( reduce toxins), improve digestion, prevent skin and teeth problems. Don’t be surprised, lemon is a real miracle.

So, just 1 glass of warm water with lemon has a magnificent effect on your health without spending too much time at the gym. Can’t you just start it from today itself to really improve your life?

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3. Eat your breakfast

“I am so busy, even I didn’t have my breakfast today. “

Yes, I have heard it. You might hear or speak like this too. Skipping breakfast is one of the bad habits you must quit today.

Breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day. Although you might be neglecting it without noticing the great health benefit of having it.

Having a healthy breakfast not only energizes your body but the brain too. The major health benefit of eating breakfast is you are not overeating in the day so you will keep away yourself from eating junk foods before lunch. Developing a daily healthy habit of eating breakfast is essential today for a healthy life forever.

healthy breakfast

4. Invest in yourself and have a detox of social media.

In the modern age, we all are just hooked on gadgets so fervently. Right from opening your eyes in the morning to sleep at night, all of us are so lost in our fairy world of social media.

If you keep track of the usage of social media for a day, you will be aghast to find how many hours you are spending after it. Don’t you? I know you might be into such a profession where you can’t stay away with social media but there should be a limit you have to draw.

Rather than making efforts to be like someone on Facebook or Instagram, find some time to invest in yourself.
Let’s develop a new hobby like reading, writing, painting, etc instead of wasting your valuable time on social media.

Try to do a social media detox at least for half an hour every day before bedtime. Make a daily habit to switch off your cell phone or put it on silent mode before half an hour to sleep, you really need to do this to improve your life. People who don’t check out their phones before sleep have less anxiety and sleeping disorders.

Invest your time in doing some planning of the next day.  You can find some amazing planner HERE.

See the creative you, I am so sure you would be amazed by your talent after developing this daily habit.

5. Exercise or walk for 15 min. daily

We all have one excuse: “ I don’t have time to do exercise”. I can totally understand you but to make a real difference in your life, you just have to find 15 minutes daily. Just 15 Minutes!!!

Daily exercise not only strengthens your body but also enhances your mental health. You can pick any basic exercises like planking, stretching, push-ups or even a walk for 15 minutes.

man running

You don’t need to pick a hardcore fitness exercise. Just do it at home and you will feel the difference in 15 days only.

Daily exercise or walk creates a great discipline in your lifestyle. You will feel healthier and happier after developing this healthy habit. Even science proves that 10-15 minutes of daily exercise can decrease the rate of depression.

[ How exercise benefits your Mental Health?]

How about creating a fit version of yourself? Fit from inside out. This is not an impossible task. Just develop this habit daily like a ritual to really improve your life.

Develop Daily healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life.

6. Start with small steps

You will find this as a little weird advice. But this actually works well even if you are a professional or stay at home mom.

Start with small. Most of us, unconsciously choose a difficult task to complete first. Maybe fear leads us to do that. But try it for one day, start your day with less difficult tasks.

Try to do 2-3 small and easy tasks first. Surprised? Believe me, this gives you a great sense of accomplishment. Rather than spending a lot more time in a difficult or complex task at a start, doing small tasks first consistently boost your confidence to achieve more.

By developing this daily habit, you always stay positive to complete more tasks and lead a more stress-free happy life.

Remember, a small win can be the beginning of great victory. So are you ready to develop this little trick daily habit to improve your life?

7. Write notes

writing notes

Ok, I have to admit. I forget the little things most of the time and have to get rid of this bad habit of mine. Even I am not good at this, I try hard to make my life more sorted.

I started using sticky notes and apps so I couldn’t forget my children’s school events. Every mom in this universe knows how much these school events are important. To write tasks for my blog and personal life events, I am using free calendar apps to be 100% sure I am not missing out on my top priority tasks.

Writing notes for your important task will win half of the battle. Busy schedule or your habit is a concern, writing notes helps you to organize your life better.

Planning is key for a happy life. Planning ahead inevitably keeps you in an unstressed position.

Try to plan your day with notes so you will have a more peaceful life. Although I am struggling to develop this daily habit to improve my life, slowly I am doing good.

8. Try to meet at least one positive person

A positive person habitually practices gratitude. He/She is always full of positivity and this kind of person gives you strength and support all the time.

On the other side, a negative person is full of doubts and fears. A negative person will never let you take a brave decision because he/she majorly focuses on bad things in their lives. So it’s important to stay surrounded by positive people.

If you want to be truly happy, try to meet at least one positive person in a day or week to talk about your matters. Find them, I am sure you could find at least one person.

Positive people have one inordinate quality to help others. And you may learn many things and know the value of gratitude in your life. Gratitude always improves your life.

meet positive person

9. Say “I don’t know” Accept your weakness

“There needs a lot of courage to raise a hand in a crowd, but it takes a lot more courage to put it down”

We take so many responsibilities in our life just to show others how perfect we are. Actually, you don’t want to let others know that you are not that good enough and you overburden yourself by accepting more tasks in a single day.

You and I all have flaws and we should admit it. To overcome your weaknesses, first, you MUST admit it.

Say NO when You have to.

Don’t take too much work on your hand. Say “I don’t know” when you really don’t. This will remove a great pile of responsibilities you enforced on yourself.

Learn new things but accept your mistakes and limitations. You will surely improve the quality of your life by developing this habit daily.

Remember,“ I don’t know doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn” [Learn 101 Interesting Facts About Life]

10. Journaling Daily

It’s a really great thing if you can do it every day. Mental health is a big issue nowadays. Regular journaling not only helps you to reach your goals but it will clear your emotions. By daily journaling, you can reduce the effect of mental illness.

Daily journaling not only helps in depression, anxiety, and stress but it can also be very helpful to the person suffering from PTSD or emotional trauma.

Making a habit of journaling every day enhances your creativity. It strengthens your goals and vision. Now you are more aware of your actions and reflections of them on your life.

Journaling gives you a true sense of practicing gratitude in your life. Daily journaling is MUST do daily habit to improve your life.

How Do You Develop Healthy Daily Habits and Stick To It?

On the first day, you are so excited to change your life. You just feel so good when you think to develop a healthy habit.

Wow, now I am feeling on top of the world!!!!

After a week? Phew!!!

Yes, it happens to me too and I feel really ashamed of it just like you.

The first week is overwhelming and from the next week, the struggle starts. But believe me, when you will reach to 3rd week, you don’t need to push yourself so hard.

To develop or break any habit, you need a minimum of 21 days to push yourself. Once you stretch up to this, you feel a less distraction. You are adjusted to your new habit in your lifestyle.

How I will stick to my new habit?

You read a lot and make so many plans to change your life. Even you narrated some bad habits to give up and healthy habits to adapt. But the actual problem is keeping your spirit up.

Here is the best solution for you. You can download this Habit Tracker where you can note down your goals and habits. Provide your details below to claim your printable copy absolutely FREE!!!!!!

I am so excited to share this as this planner helped me a lot to stick with my new healthy habits.

What are some daily habits from this list you want to develop?

Are there some good habits you already have from the list? If yes, please share your story about how these habits changed your life.

Would you like to suggest more simple yet effective daily habits that drastically improved your quality of life?

Share this article to make a real change in your and your loved ones’ life.

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