101 Simple Things That Makes You Happy

Do you wait for a day to celebrate? Can’t you? Holding yourself and finding happiness in big things. We all do this. What makes people happy actually? SMALL THINGS.

Look around yourself, do you ever notice little things that you happy? Do you try to do these simple things which lead a more happy life? Think. Try. I know you have MANY. You never think so deep.

Today I am going to share enthralling yet simple things that you happy at very less effort or breaking bank. Are you ready to come out of sad days?

simple things which makes you happy.

  1. Having an hour-long bath
  2. Get the money you never expected from
  3. Got a smile from strange
  4. The first time your baby speaks “dada” or “mama”
  5. Finished your work and back to home before night
  6. Someone gifted your favorite thing
  7. You already make a bed and at night you just have to jump off on a cozy bed
  8. Playing with your pet
  9. When your kids sleep early
  10. The recipe you found on Pinterest is actually good in taste or say you make it properly
  11. Looking at your smiling babies
  12. Meditation for 15 min
  13. Looking at old photos even if we look so stupid [ 101 Interesting Facts About Life ]
  14. Find your favorite dish at the party
  15. Someone gifted your favorite thing
  16. Finished your work and back to home before night
  17. No one at home after a long time
  18. Uninterrupted poo time ( for all toddler moms)
  19. Developed a habit of journaling [ 10 habits for happy life]
  20. Your prediction was right while reading a mystery book
  21. Watching beach waves
  22. Waking up the middle of the night and found the last bite of cake in freeze
  23. An unplanned vacation
  24. Watching your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend jealous of you –things not to do after a breakup
  25. Getting monthly bills less than you expected
  26. Looking at sunset or sunrise
  27. Listening song of birds at morning is like feeding the soul
  28. Your spouse asks for a date
  29. Developing Healthy Habits [ 40+ Healthy Habits To Start Today]
  30. Watch your favorite show
  31. Get a compliment
  32. Having a good hair day
  33. Lucky days when everything goes into your favor
  34. Cute pillow fight
  35. Spitting up anger and emotions mostly after drinking so much
  36. You just bang on with your to-do list
  37. Having a healthy breakfast
  38. Took a perfect selfie in fewer efforts
  39. Spend some time for your old hobby
  40. When you don’t have to pay bills at the restaurant
  41. Find the charger when 5% of battery remaining
  42. Your most expensive dress steal the attention
  43. Looking at sailing boat or ship
  44. Staring at beautiful flowers/plants
  45. Having a quality family time maybe just a dinner together“People should find happiness in the little things, like family.” – Amanda Bynes
  46. Reach home early – no traffic
  47. After self-care- bubble bath!!!
  48. Swinging or lying in a hammock
  49. Watching stars
  50. Camping at backyard
  51. Salary Day
  52. After unloading the dishwasher and finish laundry work
  53. A sunny day after long cold nights so you can feel sunshine on your face
  54. Black Friday sale
  55. Taking nap
  56. The headphone is on full volume when you are cleaning
  57. Snuggle with a baby
  58. Wearing a loose fitted dress and drinking the first sip of your favorite drink
  59. You found a person with the same weird taste/hobby
  60. Wake up and see the clock it’s far more hours to sleep
  61. Final bye to toxic people
  62. Get more coupons and discountsexcited for discounts
  63. There is no unwanted guest on your holiday
  64. Your favorite song on the screen while playing karaoke
  65. Dance like nobody watches
  66. Wearing clothes coming straight from the dryer
  67. Laughing hard up till you got tears
  68. Having a good hair day
  69. Desserts
  70. Funny videos and reading funny tweets
  71. Talk to loved ones
  72. Meet happy/funny people
  73. Your spouse asks for a date
  74. Looking at waves and let go all your emotions
  75. You think you are late but that’s not only you
  76. Waking up after a beautiful dream
  77. Doing chalk art or sketch or painting to calm down your aggeration
  78. Watching pics of your crush
  79. When grandparents do baby seating
  80. The first day of the spring season
  81. Took a perfect selfie in fewer efforts
  82. Walking on green grass
  83. No weight gain even if you ate double cheese pizza
  84. Making someone laugh
  85. When you complete grocery shopping
  86. Freeze is loaded full so you don’t have to go out during cold days
  87. Get the food when you are hungry
  88. Get ready for no reason
  89. Go outside maybe just a 15 min walk
  90. When you start self-validation
  91. A free product is actually good in quality
  92. Making faces in front of the mirror
  93. The medical report is all clear
  94. Find connecting flights so quickly
  95. Your fever goes down after taking a sick leave
  96. Prayer for 5 minutes
  97. Suddenly found a missing pair of your favorite socks
  98. Find support to share your dark days’ struggle
  99. Any random act of kindness
  100. Didn’t compare with anyone
  101. Celebrating small wins. Woohoo, I got 2$ cashback, let’s have a popcorn party!!!!

Last words

  “Whoever is happy will make others happy.” – Anne Frank

If you work hard to earn money, make 1%  effort compare to it to get a smile on your face. “Happiness” is a thing you want in your whole life. And you are searching for it in external and expensive things which actually is in your heart Let it comes out.

Happy people are the most beautiful people. Keep working on it, never wait for milestones or achievements. Your smile is contagious, the virus we need to spread worldwide.

It’s not how much we have but how much we enjoy. Celebrate small wins. Have gratitude about everything you got today. Enjoy life in pieces!!!

Happiness is a direction, not a place. — Sydney J. Harris

This is a tiny list of small things you can do every day to feel happy when you are sad. We together can enlist 1000 little things can make you happy. Help me out to add more.

What the unique thing you do to feel gratitude and happiness in life?

What do you do to be happy instantly after a bad day? Share your secret.

Don’t afraid to write down in comments, We all are hilarious.

If this brings a smile on your face, why don’t you share it?

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