101 Interesting Facts About Life You Know But Don’t Notice

Life is an unsolved mystery, the more you know, the less you understand and you will be fascinated to solve it. Life is uncertain and could have lots of twists and turns in a fraction of second. We all talk about it, read about it, discuss and never find a perfect way to live our life.

That’s why life is just usual to extraordinary, reality to dream, good to bad, failure to success, mine to yours – various parameters which set our mindset about life.

Here, I am trying to give you a glimpse of such interesting facts about life. Maybe you know each one of them but never realize how we can change our perspectives by just a few really simple thoughts on life.

Interesting facts life lessons

  1. You will never like your old photos; still, they are the best memory of your life.
  2. The real obsession is “I”.
  3. What others will think about you occupies your entire brain most of the time.
  4. The temptation to be famous is diluted like air pollution in society.
  5. Aspiring an eternal happy life is a hallucination.
  6. If you have money; strangers become friends, as you lose it; your friends become “strangers” very soon.
  7. Sometimes what is right and wrong is as confusing as socks pair which one is for the left or right leg.
  8. To be strong you just have to look like strong, just have a fake faith in yourself, although it’s fake 50% of people will not recognize it.
  9. Most of us are so fickle about what we really want to be in life. 
  10. Social Media has blown our mind, creating a false perception that others are having a perfect life. It’s not always the case.

  11. It’s strange that you can cry alone, but you need someone to smile.
  12. Each motivational video will leave an impact on your mind for approx 5 minutes, after that, it’s all up to you what will you do with that immediate energy.
  13. Your behavior is the most variant thing in this world.
  14. To be different is the easiest task, being simple is an arduous effort.
  15. Two types of people are most confident, the person who has everything and the person who has nothing.
  16. Everybody have a great talent to pull anybody down. Finding faults in others is a non-technical task.
  17. Your strong desire can lead you to a triumph or a crime
  18. When you add black color to any shade it will be darker and turn into an ugly shade. Similarly, your negative thoughts turn your life into nasty shades.
  19. Celebrate your every little success. The Big day may or may not come, but every day, every week or every month you have something to be thankful, celebrate the moment, not a particular date.
  20. The loyal food lovers are the best people as such they concentrate on their food only.

  21. The zeal for a luxury life is spreading like an epidemic.
  22. We feel good when there are a few ahead of us and lots more behind.
  23. 90% of your problems can solve through good communication. Even a one-day-old baby knows to cry when he/she is hungry, why don’t we speak up when we have a problem.
  24. Once in a while, you doubt to have some psychological problem.
  25. Death of dear ones might make you cry for two days but Depression is deeper. 
  26. Overthinking might kill your mental peace and inner voices.
  27. Every big success is a result of continuous successful little efforts in the long haul.
  28.  You have a long list of friends; most of them just stay in the contact list. Only a few will stand by until the end.
  29. Help others when they actually want it.
  30. Failures are heartbreaking, but they help you to mold in better shape.

  31. The best survival instinct in this world is “Hope”. It never lets you fall back even when there is no chance of winning.
  32. Making a balance of life is not meant to have a good amount of money, do all things in time. It is a balance of mind when everything is uncertain and unplanned still you find a way.
  33. Most women always think that they don’t have enough dresses apparently most of the men repeat the same shirt effortlessly.
  34. A goggle is the best fashion accessory you can have. No need to learn to wear makeup and the best part is no one can dare to look into your eyes.
  35. You desperately want to win everything. When you have it all, believe me, you feel nothing.
  36. Great life lessons can be learned from a common man.
  37. As a teenager, we have lots of time and relish to earn more money. As we grow we will have money but don’t have time to enjoy it.
  38. Life is like a roller coaster ride, lots of ups and downs. Don’t be overconfident about your current status. It can change within a second. Give Respect!!!
  39. The greatest advantage of having a beautiful partner is you have beautiful photographs.
  40. The best parenting method is supporting. Parents support may not make your child a doctor or engineer but he/she could be a caring person for sure.

  41. Everything in limit is sustainable. Being caring for others is good but if it crosses the limit you become over emotional.
  42. Festivals are stress buster. They bring holidays and give us a chance to greet and meet our dear ones.
  43. All great people are considered mad until they prove themselves.
  44. Talking with yourself is the first symptom of your success.
  45. Life is just like a video game, after each stage, the difficulty level will increase.
  46. The success stories of others can guide you through the door, but you should walk by yourself to open it.
  47.  You want to punch on everyone’s face whenever they give you advice on how to have patience in a bad time.
  48. People who look so happy are not that much happy as we perceive them to be.
  49. When you lose all your money, you will feel a huge mental metamorphosis, which will lead you to face the real world.
  50. You don’t have to be too concerned to get a perfect match, as such matching is just fine with clothing not on humans.
  51. There is one ultimate satisfactory thing in the world: getting food when you are hungry.
  52. When your heart can convince your mind, that’s the correct decision you have taken.
  53. In recent times, your character builds up is affected the most by your friend circle, not just your family values.
  54. We may read lots of stuff to get motivation, once we find it, never bother to read the same.
  55. Yet it’s a childish dream but you want to be a superhero and ready to save the world in your dreams.
  56. We expect all will be good for us but we forget that all are struggling in their own life.
  57. The only wealth in this world is “Health”.
  58. You get bored easily so keep changing or trying new things to keep yourself enthusiastic.
  59. Vacation or Holidays are not just your free time, they are meant to take a break and do lots of things which you can’t do daily so use your vacation time.
  60. You are blessed if you have a best friend who can join you for a walk after 60.

  61. You should believe in God. At least we have someone to share everything. We will accept our sins in front of God which makes you feel relaxed.
  62. Life is a beautiful myth; you can make it as you will dream about it.
  63.  All big terms like “Honesty”, “Truthfulness”, “Sacrifice”, “Kindness”, “Forgiveness”, etc look great on paper but in reality, they are very hard to implement and follow by.
  64. The world doesn’t need too many great people, it requires many good people.
  65. There is no handy advice for a good relationship, still, you will come across innumerable advice from others which makes it sound a piece of cake.
  66. There is no perfect time for marriage, the day you are dedicated to one, it’s time to say YES!!!
  67. The day you decide to do all things according to plan, they remain on paper only.
  68. Every bad thing is intimidating.
  69. To get rid of any bad habit, you just need to take the initiation. Once you succeed at the first time, chances are higher that you will be able to overcome your bad habit.
  70. The best part about home is we don’t need to pretend as we can be the way we are.
  71. Nobody is too good or too bad. It all depends on the situations and how they face them.
  72. You must have at least one hobby which will never let you feel bored or alone and give you a great boost up to be happy in your old age too.
  73. Music is the best relaxation therapy. If a plant can grow better with good music, how soul-stirring for human, just imagine.
  74. Our religion runs like blood in our body.
  75. No matter how much you hate, there is always a space in your heart for them, that’s why blood relation matters.
  76. The oldest person in your family has a box of experiences and the youngest one has a box of joy.
  77. You understand your parents the most when you have children.
  78. Instead of learning, education has turned into a job-seeking opportunity to earn money. We have lost the real purpose of it.
  79. No matter how hard you try you will never be able to look or behave like other people.
  80. Don’t kill that crazy and curious child within yourself as you grow older.

  81. We always listen from the old generation how much they suffered and worked hard to survive.
  82. You might not enjoy your wedding day as you are trying hard to make it special.
  83. All type of discrimination and biases will exist as long as we just talk about the same for our own profitability.
  84. Very few of us have the audacity to speak the truth up front.
  85. It’s too easy to point out someone’s faults rather than positive things.
  86. A little appreciation will always increase the prodigious amount of efforts we put.
  87. People are the same, every now and then, they will criticize you when you lost and will feel bad if you win.
  88. The luckiest person is the one who sees an opportunity and grabs it.
  89. The day you are caught by some serious illness, you will start looking for a diet plan or fitness program.
  90. Your job becomes monotonous and boring after a few years in the same office. What do you miss the most then? Your colleagues. So value the people around you, as such they make your presence alive.

  91. You can come out from any problem when you start thinking about solutions.
  92. The world is a mystery, every bit of object will surprise you.
  93. Change in society will come so rapidly, the day we will bring change in one’s life rather than thinking about how to change the whole society.
  94. You will regret so many things in life and never have the courage to speak about it.
  95. Only Saints and Stupid people actually understand life.
  96. Earlier it was a matter to earn to fulfill the basic needs. Now we have to earn more to make others jealous.
  97. There is no age limit to relive your dreams, dare to fulfill them.
  98. Whenever your words are mingled with your emotions, you have power. The power to change someone’s soul.
  99. Technology which leads to the enhancement of society is the best revolution on earth.
  100. The world seems happy as you feel happy with yourself.
  101. The one thing most certain to happen to everybody after Birth is Death.

This is just a small list. Facts of life are unfathomable. You learn a lesson about life every moment. You just have to figure out how we can manage to have a better life. To make a better world, we just need to be a good human being and one day we will reach there.

Hope I succeeded to bring a little smile on your face by these facts. 

Please share this article to make someone feel better about life.

Tell me which facts from this list, you can relate the most in your everyday life.

You’re going to go through tough times – that’s life. But I say, ‘Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.’ See the positive in negative events.     Joel Osteen

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