Easy yet Meaningful Ways To Bond With Your Child

It’s mandatory for each parent to create a strong connection with your baby’s physical and mental growth. As you spend more time into different bonding activities, you are raising a more confident and positive kid. To build a positive relationship with your child make sure you spare some quality time from your busy daily schedule.

How to bond with my child?

It happens, when life is so hard you totally lost connection with your child. Either you caught up with workload or some personal/health issues that cause problems and no bonding with kids

The only key to having a stronger connection with your baby is to talk and listen to them. When you communicate and interact more with your kids, you can easily understand their highly growing emotions and confusion.

As per research, children who spend more time with their parents and family have grown up as high self-worth and emotionally strong adults.

You will now better know the reasons for your toddler’s tantrum and easily calm them. The parent child relationship will grow up and they will allow you to enter into their friend zone. Having a great bonding time with your son or daughter, let them feel important and protected by love and care.

If you are struggling and feeling guilty that you can’t spend enough time with your kids or your children are not attached to you, here are some empowering ways to bond with your child.

Try some of the below parent-child bonding activities to create a positive and loving parent-child relationship.

how to bond with your child

Simple Parent-Child Bonding Activities to Connect With Your Child:

1. Play together: Almost every parent in this world knows how playing with your kids makes a parent child relationship stronger. I know it’s hard for you if you are a working mom. There are some common issues you are facing but you have to turn your mom guilt into motivation.

I know you must be tired but have some fun games like a pillow fight, hide and seek inside the house, board games, etc. You can find some fun indoor activities to engage your children at home.

If you can find 15 min to play with your son or daughter every day is it’s enough. Playing with your kids daily specially for toddlers creates a stronger emotional bond.

2. Colouring: I love Coloring so do like my girls. I always spend some quality time with my daughters while Coloring and having a chit chat about their imagination.

Art is therapeutic and it gives us so much pleasure while not trying so hard. My girls love to make cards and we enjoy a lot and this one is my favorite bonding activity I do with my daughters.

3 Making Crafts: Everyone of us is not good at crafts. But yes YouTube is gold to find out some easy craft activities. You can make some projects together or have some fun science experiments.

Creating something new increases curiosity and when you do it together it will need a lot of teamwork. This type of team building activities for kids will reconnect with your child.

If you want to reconnect with your teenager, try some projects together. Choose projects and craft activities for your kids as per their age and interest.

4. Have a karaoke: I am a twin girl mom and there is no exception that they like Elsa and Anna!!! Who pays double rates to see Frozen 2??? Don’t be shy and tell me I am not alone!!!

Seriously, this bonding activity doesn’t need much time or effort and absolutely easy way to bond with your child.

Playing karaoke on my daughters’ favorite songs is the second-best bonding activity I do with my daughters. You can even dance with your toddler on their favorite rhymes.

I want to give a big high five to all the parents of a toddler who plays “Baby Shark” on Alexa nonstop.

5. Read together: Reading together is special. Read storybooks with your toddler at bedtime instill positive emotions. If you want to raise a more positive child reading is one of the best things to do.

You can also do a role play with your children and spend some quality time with your kiddos. How about every weekend, mom and dad play the role of their favorite movie characters? How fun!!!

By reading together and some role-play activities you are making a stronger family bond at an early age. I think this one is the best and positive parent-child relationship-building activities.

6. Take out old photos: I am in a deep love for photos. (I sometimes talk about my interest even if you are not asking!) Every mom has thousands of pictures of her son and daughter.

Why not use them to reconnect with your kids and create more one on one time. You can have some photo frame craft activity or just look out those old pictures and talk about them.

7. Cook together: Bake some cookies and make some popsicles with your kids to have great fun at home. Cooking together will not be a boring binding activity add some music and enjoy not so perfect cookies!!!

8. Be Goofy: After being a parent, you forget how naughty and playful you were. Let’s call back that child inside you.

Be Goofy and tell your funny childhood stories. Don’t be shy to share your embarrassing incidents at middle school and let your child laugh aloud.

When you want to reconnect with your child even if he/she is a teenager, share your own mistakes first. You have to understand that parent child relationship is a two-way process. If you want your child to be honest with you and share everything, you go FIRST.

Hey, you can share some funny childhood stories with me too!!! I was the one who always caught by the teacher while doing mimic of them!!!

Try this bonding activity with your kid to make your child more comfortable and confident in front of you.

9. Take help into chores: To encourage your kids to do chores is hard but it’s worthy for sure. Take a look at this article to know exact parenting hacks to le your child help into household work without nagging much.

When parents and children do some chores they interact more and feel more connected. It’s like teamwork and makes a bonding stronger by giving tasks and completing with some rewards.

The most important thing is to give age-appropriate chores to your kids so they can complete and become more independent and high self-esteem kids.

10. Date your kid at home:

Want to spend more quality time with your kids? You can have more one on one time with your kids at home too.

Have a slumber party at home. Watch your child’s favorite movie with some popcorns and their favorite snacks. Play some video games and card games or some family games to strengthen a parent child bond.

You may also set a perfect date with your son or daughter. You will bring them to their favorite place and enjoy some ice creams!!

11. Dress up: This one will be the best bonding activity you can do with your daughter. Try some dresses and have some quality Mommy and daughter time.

Paint nails of each other, do some hairstyle or makeup and take random clicks to make it more memorable.

12. Ask funny questions/conversation starters for kids: Some kids are introvert, they never share their experience at school. How to make them talkative?

Try to tell them funny jokes and stories or watch some comedy shows to lighten up their mood. Ask relative questions like which character do you find so funny? Which class do you enjoy most?

These questions are conversation starters and let your child’s feelings come out. Reconnect with them while you lost a bond with your child by this simple yet powerful bonding activity.

13. Cuddling and hugs: When did last time you cuddle up or just hug your kid apart from birthday or any win? Yes, science also says when parents hugs and cuddle much, their kids feel more loved and safe.

Why on Sunday morning you are rushing into the kitchen to make breakfast? Have those 10 minutes in bed, your most precious moment of being a mother is to cuddle up with your kids. Remember this moment will never come up again.

As a parent, to raise a more confident kid you always have to appreciate and greet your child at least 2 times a day. It’s not only when they win anything but give a hug and say some positive words to your kids when they get failure.

Tell them every day and make them feel your love and see the connection. You will never need to put so much effort to bond with your child when you hug and cuddle up with your kids at the right moments.

Why bonding activities will level up a parent-child relationship?

I am always excited when my daughters’ tell me little details about their school and share how they enjoy with their friends. Sometimes we click funny selfies and have some girl time by painting nails and dressing up. I am feeling a stronger bond with my daughters which makes me a happy mom.

Every parent child relationship is special, you just have to find some ways to reconnect and create an unbreakable bond with your son or daughter. By putting little effort and following above parenting tips and bonding activities, you can see how your relationship grows and have a happy family.

Here, I enlisted some empowering yet simple ways to bond with your child. Do you like them?

If yes, then tell me which way you like to reconnect with your kids or share how you are spending more time with your children.

I am looking forward to knowing how you do it, mommy!

Share these parent-child bonding activities and don’t forget to leave a comment so we can chat.

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