11 super fun & Inexpensive activities for kids to engage throughout the day at home

Holidays sound so great but are that really that exciting for kids to be home all day long and to keep children busy? As kids get bored at home is a usual thing, if they aren’t engaged in activities. It does get difficult to keep your toddler and kids engaged in outdoor activities all the hours and even above. We miss out many easy activities for kids to engage which can be performed at home.

You can choose from a few fun-filled yet inexpensive activities from this list for your kids or toddlers who are getting bored at home during vacation.

11 super easy fun and inexpensive activities for kids to engage them at home


Reading is a great inexpensive habit, ask your kids after stacking the book, pick up the best they like and start reading. Books are experiencing a new world altogether. Let them inculcate the habit of reading and make books as their friends. Reading not only increases their interest but also help to build their concentration level.

Reading together creates a special bond between parents and kids.  You can do reading together at any time and make them learn good things in a creative way.

2. COOK with your kids

They love to explore and the experience of cooking is no less adventure) for them. Bake cake or cookies, ask them together ingredients and whisk the batter. Allow them to give shapes to cookies or decorate the cake with jellies and cream.

Let them act like an adult while performing the activity and do not forget to appreciate them. Also, let them arrange cookies in the jar. It is one of the most fun activity at home for kids.

Kids love to help and this activity makes them more responsible. It is one of best activity for kids to engage your kid at home.


Let your kids collect stones from the backyard or anything which they can play with. Give them a basket to collect and let them make anything useful out of them. While playing they learn to recycle or reuse thing in a creative way, see knowledge is all around us and all we need to do is collect them.


Craft is another way to raise creativity and keep them tenanted and you can engage yourself with them so that kids don’t get bored soon after finishing one Art piece. Making paper planes is fun for kids, you can also give a shot to origami. There are many ways to make animal origami for kids. They can also try some hand puppets.

Isn’t this is super fun and inexpensive activity for your toddler? I must say not only your kid but you too engage throughout the day at home.


It is not only fun to hear but also when in action. Toddlers at home would love the idea of camping not just near the lake but also in your backyard. Yes, camping at backyard will be an inexpensive and highly engaging activity for your toddler or kids.

Make a nice tent for them and fill them with soft toys. You can always put up bonfire and barbecue and ask them to help while preparing it all. This will keep them engaged and entertained. If not in a backyard, you can also arrange a tent in their bedroom filled with their toys or racing tracks.

This one will be a challenging activity so your kids don’t feel sad that they can’t go out and play. This is one of the best indoor activity which gives as much thrill as outdoor fun. So why not you try this fun yet inexpensive activity for your toddler/kids to engage at home.

inexpensive yet fun activities for toddle to do at home


Let there be toys, let there be shine. They are the bounteous savior so let the lego, kitchen set, wooden blocks, racing cars, play dough be on the floor and let them enjoy.


PAINT SPA is a life saver, most of the toddlers at home like to paint in their own way of imagination and rejoice it. Give them canvas, paint, brushes and they will give you unique art. Sit with them and share the brush. Largely kids smitten the involvement of adults so be it that ways.

Painting is all like imagination. You can also appreciate by giving them little rewards for picturing good. This will be one of your favorite activity for your kid to engage throughout the day at home.


It is every mom’s, not just from books but you can always cook up stories. Kids cherish listening to their favorite character and while enacting the story ask your kids to play different characters to engage them too. A better way is to dress them up in characters. This will keep them occupied and also it an inexpensive activity, so can be performed as many times as you want.


Tasks can be given as kids get bored easily, you can always assign the tasks and share some points or goodies after the completion, the enthusiasm makes them finish the work. For instance, stacking the books is all time favorite, give them tasks to clean the cabinet and stack book properly and give them rewards after dinner. Let the excitement for a surprise stay all day long. These kinds of indoor activities will keep them happy and engaged.

10. WATER plants

Watering plants graft best in your kids, keep them engaged in Activities which are productive for them. Let them take responsibility for gardening and watering plant and also let them grow new ones and know the benefits of gardening.


Fill the tub with water and bubbles, set them free to enjoy with them. Kids can have fun with the minimum if done in the right way. Give them duckies and balls to play with and let them splash and rejoice.

These easy inexpensive ways will keep our little monkeys occupied the whole day and parents in peace. Performing activities which are productive is a good idea. Let them learn in a fun way and not get bored too.

Have you tried any of these fun activities for your kids or toddler at home? Which one is your favorite in this list?

Do you want to share any other fun activity you do with your kids?

Love to hear your parenting hacks.

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