Funny Things People Will Ask Twin Mom

Being a first-time twin mom I was so scared by the thought of expecting twins. You couldn’t imagine how horrified I was when I came to knew that I will have twins!!! Having twin is such an overwhelmed yet joyful experience for me. In spite of great struggle, being a twin mom is always a funny experience. People will ask you some crazy things, just stick here to read chucklesome stories of twin motherhood.

Twin motherhood is always exceptional and I know it’s going to be damn hard for me to handle twins. I was too afraid to imagine the pain but the real drama starts after giving birth to my twin babies. It’s almost like working 48*7.

So, how this weird thought came to my mind? Why I am sharing the funny side of twin motherhood rather than difficult birth stories?

First thing is I don’t want to scare you. But having twins is a really bittersweet journey. You feel depressed and after few seconds you just have tears in your eyes while your lucky two just showering lots of love on you. Needlessly, the story of twin mom is super chaotic yet blissful.

After becoming a blogger I met many twin mommy bloggers around the world. I discussed this- funny part of twin parenting with some twin moms. And you will be definitely amazed by their answers. Oh my god, we all have hilarious and almost same things to share.

Do you want to know what are the funny things people will ask them as being a twin mom?

Me, Ingrid, Jeanne, and Becky are twin mommies. In this article, we are going to share the funny experiences of twin motherhood. I am sure you have a good laugh today.

Arti Yadav

Let’s start by myself: Arti Yadav

I am the first lucky person who has twins from both sides of the family( me & hubby’s family). I have this quality: attract unexpected things. I can bet you about this distinct quality of mine.

In India, the ration of twins is not big so I just feel like a star after giving birth to my twin baby girls I could say you some sad things as I am a NICU mom but I think let’s cheer up a bit more!!!

Why we can’t we just celebrate motherhood?

The best thing about twin motherhood is you really expect some funny or say stupid things people will ask you. In the start, you reply them very gently but it’s hard to continue that gentle gesture all the time.

I could write FAQs on twins or essay on twins tragedy and I really mean it.

People will look at you twice if you are a twin mom. Did you get my point? If you are a twin mom you know exactly.

“Are they twins?” the most popular question you will listen. Now I have the expertise to guess the question they will ask about my twins by looking at their face. When anybody’s eyes are sparkle up with surprise and they just looked confused, instantly I am nodding my face. Yes, they are twins. So, I can pass the 1st question easily.

My twins are monozygotic twins, so they are identical in look too. The next question is how do you recognize them? Forehead of one girl is broader than other and people get more confused. So I choose to give a smile in answer. Now they are about 7 years old but still, some people ask this. My daughters have a good memory so they remember their names, isn’t this enough explanation?

The real awkward moment is when people ask how? The actual question is are they natural or through IVF? Even if you answer they are not through IVF, still surprised and ask you again then how? How can you explain this?!!! I don’t know how to react that time!!! Help me, ladies!!!

The funniest question people ask with curiosity to twin mom are do they become hungry at the same time? Some will go into deep conversation do they potty same time? A twin mommy can only understand that 2 bathrooms are life support essentials while having twins.

I was sitting outside my pediatric’s clinic. As per my routine experience, people will look at me ask the same set of questions. Do they cry same time? Do they eat at the same time? Calmly I am replying to all.

My daughters were around 2 months that time, one cried. Suddenly one woman rush at me and asking me you said they cry same time look one cried other not!! I am just gazing at her and controlled my anger. I replied to her that it happens not all the time but almost. She was so upset with me, should I lie to her??? I took a lesson, choose the exact words!!!

The most horrible and funny question asked me was do they share the same birth date? No, I gave birth to the first one and then wait for 2 days for another one!!! I really feel so sorry about this but it’s common sense. I think some people are too much excited that they fumbled up while asking.

The list will go on. Ingrid how about your funny experiences?

Ingrid Norris 

I have girl/boy twins which I usually dressed in obvious traditional girl/boy colors of pink and blue. I was still frequently asked whether my twins were identical. I would usually answer no, one’s a girl and one’s a boy, but occasionally the person asking would persist saying yes, I know one is a boy and one is a girl but are they identical? I’d laugh and answer no they are not identical, one has a penis and the other doesn’t, they are fraternal twins.

The other funny question I used to get asked when my twins were still babies was do they know what each other is thinking and do they finish off each other’s sentences. I’d have to answer, umm, I don’t know, as they aren’t speaking yet, but they do occasionally cry at the same time.

It was hard to go anywhere fast when they were babies in their twin pram as we were constantly getting stopped by strangers for a chat about them. It was kind of nice and fun but also frustrating when I was in a hurry to go somewhere before they needed feeding.

Ingrid is a Sydney based fashion and beauty mom blogger. She believes in looking fabulous and having fun at every age. You can read her excellent tips on her blog Fabulous and Fun Life.

Jeanne Visser 

“Are they twins?” “Are they identical?” “I don’t know how you do it!” “Are they natural?” “My second cousin’s daughter’s husband is a twin.” And the list goes on. Going out in public with twin babies is quite the experience. You get an onslaught of questions from a stranger in what seems like every aisle of the store.

Meanwhile, you are just trying to get everything done in the small window of opportunity you have while the twins don’t need to be fed or sleeping. For the most part, people are polite and just say how cute they are in passing. But, it doesn’t always go that way.

I always remember this one time I went to the grocery store with my 4-month-old twins by myself. This was unusual, I did not typically go on outings alone with the twins at this age. I’m wandering around and an elderly woman came up to ogle at my twin girls. She was very sweet giving them all these compliments, but she kept referring to them as boys.

Now, it was not uncommon for strangers to mistake one of the twins for a boy because she had no hair. She could be dressed head to toe in pink and it didn’t matter. This was the first time they had both been mistaken for boys. As I was trying my best to end the conversation and go on my way I mentioned that both the babies were girls. She looked at me very upset. But, she’s wearing BROWN!! This woman was disgusted that I had put my daughter in a brown sweater.

It’s really not okay to make comments like this to any parent, but this brown sweater had frilly sleeves and pink flowers all over it. My twins are four now and I still, to this day, do not understand why so many strangers felt the need to give their two cents about our twin babies. On the bright side, at least it made for some funny memories and stories.

Jeanne Visser works full time as a process engineer. In her spare time, she writes baby registry, sleeping, and feeding tips for babies, toddlers, and twins on her blog Have Twins First.

Becky Willis

As a mom of fraternal twins, I hear “are they twins?” almost daily. The funniest experience I have had was when a random woman at a Wendy’s a few states away asked me if I was sure. She seemed very intrigued by them but didn’t understand how the two babies in car seats could be twins and just shook her head. Most people believe me, but this woman was sure I was crazy! Okay, my twins are definitely uniquely different, but they are totally twins.

That was almost four years ago, and while it is the funniest story we’ve encountered, it probably isn’t that unbelievable for people meeting them today. As they’ve graduated from the car seat carriers, the only thing the same about them are usually wearing the same outfit.

Everything else is opposite – their personalities, the food they like, the sports they enjoy, and the friends they’ve made. I’m loving the way these twins are making our family life interesting…and yes, they totally are twins!!!

Becky is from Pennsylvania and she started blogging to create a space where she can write about her motherhood and life. Check out the twins’ adventures with their siblings on their mom’s blog: lilburghers 

The experiences about having twins are humorous. Don’t you like them?

If you know any twin mom, don’t forget to share this article. I think we can add more twin mommies here in the list so keep sharing and commenting.

I just adore you if you are a twin mom and love to share your laughable moments with her. Give others a reason to stress less while having twins!!!

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