10 Common Challenges A Working Mom Face Everyday And How To Overcome Them

Being a mother is a tough job of course. Both a stay at home mom and a working mother have to do their best to manage time for their baby as they have a lot of other responsibilities along with taking care of their baby! For working moms, it’s a challenge to strike a balance between work and family. No more after being a mom, you can enjoy a cup of coffee with the newspaper in the morning as you have to give all that time to your kid. You can’t afford to give an extra hour to your office work even if it’s important. You want to run back to home as soon as possible. Moreover, you constantly feel that ‘Guilt’ of not being with your kid all the time.

Working moms have to very cleverly manage their home and work pressure. However, there are some common challenges that every working mom faces. Here are a few of them and tips to face them efficiently.

You Can Do it

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is having complete trust in yourself. Have faith in yourself that you can be a good mom along with being a smart career woman. Don’t ever let your confidence shiver. Never feel bad about not being a Perfect Mom or a Perfect Employee. Remember, Nobody on earth is Perfect! You just have to give your best to both your roles.; that’s it!

Stop Feeling Guilty

Women often have this strong guilty conscience of not being a good mommy. This guilt is far bigger than that of being a not so good employee. ‘Mommy guilt’ can break down a woman emotionally. It’s good if you ask yourself  “Am I doing something wrong by being a career woman?” When you find the answer is negative, it makes you feel better. Whatever time you get to spend with your kid, put all your energy in that.

Set Your Priorities

Being a working mother obviously mean, you run short of time for even the very important tasks of your day. You have to manage well whatever time you have to fulfill all your duties and responsibilities. So, you set your priorities for how and with whom you want to invest your energy. Don’t feel sorry for not being able to catch up with some friends or relatives whom you can not afford to give precious hours of your day.

Stop Worrying

We worry about everything. We worry what people will say when we have to take too many leaves or short leaves from office for our child. We worry whether our kid would be still crying after we dropped him/her school? We worry what our family will say when we are not able to fulfil our promises to our promises to them. All this worry is a waste of our precious energy. We should therefore, focus this energy on thinking positively about what we have achieved as a mom and as a career woman.

No harm in telling lies for kid’s sake

Sometimes, we take sick leave not because we are sick, but because our child is sick and we have to take care of him/her. There’s nothing wrong with it. No need to feel you did anything wrong. Sometimes, 3 days’ leave may become 6 days’ leave as after looking after the kid, we too fall ill. But It’s okay. No worries about it.

Don’t Believe in Convenient Timing

You may have to rush to pick your sick child up from school in the middle of a meeting or any important discussion. Don’t blame yourself for either leaving the work suddenly or not being with your kid when he/she is ill all the time. Don’t hope for a perfect timing for things to happen in your life. Things happen suddenly and may be simultaneously and you to manage all.

Self-care is very important

Since you are taking care of everything in your life work, home, kids so it becomes extremely important that you don’t overlook your own needs. You too need care, love, rest and peace. Taking a good sleep and relaxing is very important whenever you can.

Utilise Your Time

Most working moms reach office early not because they want to but because they want to leave early. They want to pick up the kid from school and spend quality time with him/her. So, while you are at the office early, make the most of your time. Utilise it to finish all your pending works.

Plan things but don’t expect them to happen accordingly

Give yourself extra 45 minutes on the days when you have something big ahead of you because the uncertainty of the morning routine (e.g. kid spitting, vomiting or peeing on your dress) may leave you feeling frustrated all before 6 a.m. Murphy’s Law always works for working moms–best to leave time in your plan for unanticipated problems.

Be Prepared for being late

The morning routine may not be as smooth as you expect it to be. A process that should take 5 minutes often lasts 20 because your little kid would prefer to wear his white shoes with dirty black trousers than whatever you planned for him/ her to wear. Keep a few minutes in your schedule for these type of unplanned things.

I know, all working moms are Super Moms ’cause they are giving their best to both their workplace and their kid. No need to feel guilty or worry about anything. Stay positive because this positivity will keep you energised and going on in life. When you are happy (even after being tired only then you can keep others happy.

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