Complete List Of Age Appropriate Chores For Kids With Printable Chart

I am struggling to assign household chores to my 7 years old daughters and wondering how should I end up the chores war between me and my daughters. Age-appropriate chores chart will be a great solution to end up the everyday struggle. Assigning chores for kids by his/her age level is very important to get it done.

Like you, I am also confused kids doing chores is beneficial for them or not. But I tried it. And it’s a huge win for me. Assigning chores to my kids is just not helping me to complete my daily household tasks without going crazy but it teaches responsibility as well.

Never take your kid’s laziness as incapability. You just have to motivate your kids to do chores and talk with them.  Every kid has a different learning scale so I don’t agree on the strict rule of age-appropriate chores list.

Every family is different so you know what type of chores your kid is capable of doing. The same rule applies to assign allowance for kids to do chores. It’s completely your choice you want to give allowances or not.

I keep searching on the chores list for my 7-year-old kids and find some actionable chores ideas for each age group children.

Here, I am enlisting applicable age-appropriate chores activities for kids to do for your easy reference. You can surely add your own task or skip one if your child is not comfortable to do it form this list.

Please be careful while giving chores for kids, make sure chores will not harm or hurt them.

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chores for kids by age with printable chore chart


Chores ideas for toddlers: Age 2-3 years

You never imagine how your toddler will be excited by allowing a task. The daily chores do not look like work for them but it’s one kinda activity they will enjoy.

I know in such an early age you wonder is chores good for my kids or not they can’t do but your little ones are more capable than you think.

You don’t have to be so perfect to do things. You need to assist them even if the task is so simple. They got a message to help others and they will develop a life long positive daily habits which makes them a better adult.

A little appreciation like a clap or stickers magically to boost their confidence. Can you imagine your kids’ face when you gave them a star for completing their chores? Visual or say printable charts will make their task more interesting, do like to try it?

age appropriate chores ideas list

Chores list for toddlers: Age 2-3 years

  • Pick up their toys ( I think this task will continue to each age group!!!!)
  • Help to feed your pets
  • Help to make their beds( Give a pillow, adjust mattress etc)
  • Put dirty clothes into hamper or basket or laundry room
  • Pick up dirty clothes from each room
  • Assist while putting clothes from washer to dryer
  • Help to wipe

Chores ideas for Pre-Schoolers: Age 4-5 years

The great thing about preschooler is they are highly motivated when you give them a responsibility. When you are assigning chores they will feel like an adult and love to help you without arguing much.

By making notes or rating with stickers on chores chart you can boost up their enthusiasm. You can give allowances like a bar of chocolate, visit a theme park on weekend, extra play time anything which you think good for your child.

Chores list for preschoolers: Age 4-5 years

  • Pick up their own stuff ( now they have more stuff you know!)
  • Make their own bed( with some help of the parent)
  • Set & clear table
  • Help in the laundry ( separate colored clothes, arrange matching socks after washing)
  • Arrange groceries ( pick up the lightweight bags, help to sort out groceries)
  • Fold the clothes ( fold napkins, handkerchief etc)
  • Get ready for a kinder garden ( wearing socks, shoes etc)
  • Help to clean the floor ( help with a dry mop- some children will have fewer motor skills so better to do this task with supervision and don’t force it to do)
  • Help to prepare food ( bringing vegetables from a fridge, fill water bottles etc )
  • Feed the pet


Chores ideas for pre-elementary kids: Age 6-8 years

  • Make their bed
  • Get ready for school ( brush teeth, comb hair, wear socks & shoes)
  • Arrange books in a bag
  • Put the school bag and other things on place
  • Clear and clean their own room
  • Fold laundry and put into closet or drawers
  • Unload dishwasher with supervision
  • Help to meal preparations (washing vegetables, giving ingredients etc)
  • Unload indoor trash cans

Chores ideas for elementary kids: Age 9-12 years

  • Get ready without help
  • Wipe the sinks
  • Load dishes into a dishwasher
  • Clean bathroom
  • Help to make simple food
  • Rake leaves
  • Learn to use washer and dryers
  • Help to wash cars
  • Put trash cans to pick up
  • Put all laundry ( folding and put back into the closet without help)
  • Dusting and cleaning the window

Chores ideas for teenagers: Age 13-18 years

  • Clean room( moping, dusting, changing bed sheets etc)
  • Do yard or garage cleaning when needed
  • Responsible to purchase groceries
  • Prepare food
  • Clean appliances and other household items( fridge, dryers. Dishwasher, microwave, TV, change bulbs etc)
  • Biannually help to clean the whole house
  • Wash the car
  • Do laundry
  • Taking care of personal expenses

The very first task is over now. These are the general things you can assign to your kids so they can learn basic life skills and responsibility from an early age.  The next big thing is tracking their progress.

How you can track your kid’s everyday chores schedule? An age-appropriate chores chart for kids works best to track the progress. You can download printable chores charts in 2 amazing designs from HERE.

printable chores chart for any age group kids

I personally used these chores chart for my twins. Do you know what’s a funny thing about having twins? You have everything double, so you have the same toys, same stuff everywhere. I need more help to sort out the mess they are spreading all around the house!!!!

This printable chores chart works so well that I feel like I am sorted my half work.

chores list and chores chart for kids

You can use the same chart for multiple kids too. This is a printable and editable weekly chart where you can write tasks and tick it on daily if your kid completes the task or not. In the end, you can write some weekly task and remarks. If you are happy to give allowance for chores, write that in remark section how much they earn that week.

chores for kids by age and printable chores chart responsibility chart

Do you agree with me to give some chores to your kids?

Do you find this age-appropriate chores chart works on your kids? Would like to give more suggestions?

I am happy to know your family ritual to do chores. So write out in a comment below and download this amazing guide of chores list of ideas + free printable chores chart which you can use for any age group children.

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