10 Most Effective Parenting Tips

What is Parenting? Very simple, open Google & you will find thousands of articles. Among them I like this definition the most as it seems very practical:

Parenting is the ultimate long-term investment. Be prepared to put far more into it than you get out of it, at least for some time.

As per definition, it’s seriously a long-term investment as such you spend ¼ of your living life to raise your child as he/she will provide safety when you became old.

But as such we all know we have to put the best efforts not just for safety but to have a good life for both- Parents & Children. We actually select the best parenting method which suits best for us.

Most effective parenting tips

Techniques are applied to Machines but we are not a machine. Humans are complex & variant. We can’t fix one procedure for one particular result. As such from my view, there is no single method to follow & all are applicable to some extent.

Here, I try to list 10 Most Effective Parenting Tips as per my own experiences. Let’s check out how much effective they are for you.

10 Best ways of effective parenting

1. Nothing is Perfect

Neither You nor Your Child is perfect. Accept them with their weaknesses. Every child is not so good in a study so try to channelize his/her energy into other activity like Games, Arts, and Competitions.

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2. Only compare when you are compatible.

New generation kids would not bend down to their knees easily. You can’t taunt about their score if you didn’t score well at your School. Make some acceptable standards for your kid.

3. Convert Comparison into Competition

DO compare but for enhancing his/her hidden talent. Make them aware of competition but let’s not scare them. Everyone find a space for his feet on this land. Build a competitive environment by appraising your kid on his smallest accomplishment (You can give his favorite chocolate for a neat Handwriting for example).

4. Meet Your Child

One must do this thing. 24 hrs you can watch your children, watch them closely, meet the actual one, not your expected one. If you are Scholar than your child may not be, he may be good in Music.

Most of the Parents choose their child’s activity as they have to show off. I noticed Parents sending their kids to various classes which are not at all interesting for them. Nowadays Being Odd is the greatest accomplishment so if your child wants to play Football instead of Cricket, Let him do it.

5. Make a Routine

Create a routine like Playing with your kids every day for 15 minutes. You can make your bedtime routine like talking to them for 10 minutes. before sleeping. Your child will discuss more at this time. This routine will make a special bond & fill the gap of communication. Expensive Toys or Outdoor traveling will not impact as much this.

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6. Healing Process

When you spend time with your child you will find something common which you can cheer up together. Like Video Games, Taking Selfies, Dancing, anything… You can catch moments where you can give them a warm hug or a sweet kiss. This is the best healing process. No matter how old your child will be, your gentle touch makes them feel better.

7. No More Extra Buttering

Some Parents take their children as small wonder, always keep appraising them it’s called buttering.

You don’t have to say your child how bad he is, even you don’t have to suppress a wrong image of his own. This is a dangerous thing. Being overprotective is the biggest drawback of your extra love.

Everything in limit is acceptable.

8. Do It Yourself

I saw many parents pick up their child’s bag even when it has the only lunchbox or barely one or two books. Why ??? Will you pick their bags up to class 12??? Let them do their work by themselves and teach them lessons of self discipline.

Generally, we like it when our child is always around us for each of his little work. We want importance and we want to be parents, who are always just a call away as like some santa.

You will pamper them up to what level; an extra glass of milk will not make them strong. Let them pack their bags, arrange their toys, clean their room, which actually grooms them.

9. Positive punishments

You must say NO when you have to. I will agree for positive punishment. I know people have unpopular opinion on this but you must undersand the core value of this concept. You can read more about positive punishment here.

We actually come into action when he/she is a teenager. You want to control them when they want to fly! That creates a bigger mess. Apparently, you should know the time to be rude or liberal.

10. Find a Secret Santa

There is always one person to whom your child shares secretly. Find his/her secret Santa; it may be his grandparents, best friend, a simple diary, or a God. Mostly your child’s secret Santa is his/her Best Friend.

Make a good relationship with your child’s friends, don’t interrupt them.
Sometimes your child’s secret Santa do magic for you (convey your true feeling & worries).

You may not select perfect way of parenting method, you have to choose the one.

This is a small list of easiest parenting tips. So you choose which one is appropriate for your child. There is no one perfect method.

You can also suggest your thoughts about Parenting in the comment section below.
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