Want To Develop Good Mental Health? 20 BEST Tips To Boost It

Physical fitness is a crowd-pleasing attribute of life that makes us neglect our mental health. Why people don’t try hard to improve mental health? To live a happy and healthy life, good mental health is obligatory. A healthy life without inner happiness is like a black hole. Here, you will get 21 best tips for good mental health to cultivating in your daily life.

What is good mental health?

According to Wikipedia Mental health is the level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness. It is the state of someone who is “functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment”

If you don’t have any mental disorder that doesn’t mean you have good mental health. You always try to improve your mental health so you have to balance between life and emotions. A person with good mental health has a balance between his social, emotional and psychological matters.

A person who has good mental health knows his self worth and work towards his emotional well being. Because of positive mental health, you can develop resistance and coping mechanism for daily stress, struggles, and loss with more ease.

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How to practice good mental health?

To be mentally happy and healthy, find the trigger points. As like physical symptoms, when your mental health deteriorates, you feel the pain. It’s not about loss, some time you win and not happy. Check whether you are following these habits which are killing your happiness. To stay motivated and have high self-esteem, work on your habits.

If I want to improve mentally, I need to change my habits on a daily basis. Below are some habits to improve your mental health and all you need to do is be fair enough to start them right now.

20 Best Tips To Develop Good Mental Health

1 Move your body

Do exercise. Are you not interested in gym classes? Don’t worry, find just 15 min daily.

Dance on your favorite song, use cycle or walk to go nearby places, walking in the garden, take 10 min walk at lunchtime at the office, playing with a pet for 15min, anything that moves your body. Such type of simple exercise makes you a happier and healthier person.

You don’t need to sweat and build muscles to feel fit. Such little exercises can lower mental stress and anxiety. If you don’t believe read this article, how jogging improved my mental health.

2 Be kind and positive for yourself

You are the MOST important person in this world. Know your self-worth and never be harsh on yourself by opinions of others.

Try to speak some positive affirmations on a daily basis to build a positive self-image of yourself.

Never set too many expectations and non-realistic goal in your life. This is one of the crucial reasons you are not happy. Try to avoid these things to find real happiness.

3 Meditate

You might feel vague why meditation is crucial for good mental health but it’s true and there is no doubt. A person with mindfulness achieves a balance between emotions and bad consequences in life.

Meditation is one of the best stress relief techniques. It enhances the emotional intelligence and positive mindset into the brain to fight against turmoils.

You can read more health benefits of meditation Here.

4 Eat Healthily

Healthy body= Healthy Mind.

If your body is not feeling good, you will never ever enjoy your life at fullest. Bad physical health is the first cause of various stress and mood variations.

Healthy food can enhance your mood and antibiotic system to fight against major physical and psychological issues. Studies proved that Omega3, nuts, fruits, green food etc are very crucial for your brain development.

Try to develop some tiny healthy habits in your daily life to make a healthy and happy lifestyle.

5 Break bad habits

It requires no time to trap into any bad habits. But to come out of those bad habits requires lots of effort. If you want to change your bad habit use daily habit tracker to monitor yourself.

Alcohol, too much sugar intake, spending more money to show off, skipping breakfast, excessive use of smartphones are some of the killing habits you need to quit.

If you are determined to change your life, make habits to enrich your life and helps to maintain good mental health.

6 Challenge yourself

There is always room for improvement. Find out the areas where you need to work more. Find the next thing you want to do and how to achieve it.

Never kill that curious child in yourself. Keep learning new things and give your brain new challenges to work more efficiently.

Even if you reach the peak of success, keep yourself busy with new challenges to improve your mental health.

7 Kill monotonous routine

If you take challenges as we discussed in earlier point you are breaking a daily monotonous life cycle.

A routine makes us more disciplined and efficient. Try to taste a new dish, a new hairstyle or outfit, click some random pictures, watch a movie from a foreign country, do any simple task that breaks your routine and give a little spark to your boring life.

8 Get a perfect sleep

An adult needs 6-8 hours of sleep. You need to develop a good sleep routine to have a healthy life.

We are so much smartphone-addicted that we have a bad habit of using it before sleep. All social media platforms make you anxious and depressed. So turn off or put on silent mode to your phone before an hour of sleep to have a good sleep.

A warm atmosphere and heavy blankets help you to sleep early in case you have anxiety issues.

By following a strict sleep routine, you will feel more energetic and productive to start a new day. And you will feel mentally strong when your body is relaxed after a good sleep.

9 Find some alone time

If you are not a big fan of meditation and yoga, find a 15 min quiet time with yourself.

Reflect your actions, visualize your next day, find out the good points of the day- this way you can actually improve the quality of life.

10 Practice gratitude

Your thoughts are the most intriguing thing in this world. Positive thoughts lead a more peaceful and happy life. So try to find at least 10 minutes for gratitude.

Think about the bigger picture like relationship or career and tiny things like good weather or tasty food too. You can develop a habit of journaling which in the long run be the best things you do for a positive mindset and good mental health.

Try to recall or write, what you are grateful today? Before bed or in the morning find just 5 minutes to think about the goodness in your life.

Focus on the good things and see the powerful impact of gratitude in your life.

11 Make face-to-face connections

The world became small with the influence of technology. You have hundreds of friends on Facebook but you feel alone when you want to talk in real life.

As an introverted person, making a connection and communicate face to face is more difficult.

Feeling alone is the worst feeling and you need to develop more connections with your friends and family. So instead of talking on chat boxes, go and meet the person in real life.

Instead of spending 1 hour for a perfect selfie, go and meet your family. Make a call to your old friend, visit your neighbors, join local groups to be social.

Meeting people in real life is mood-boosting and help to reduce stress. You feel more connected and confident.

People who gave more importance to build connections are more healthy and happier people.

12 Find what makes you happy

You have many problems, but find things that change your mood instantly. Activities or tasks give you more fulfillment and boost positivity in your life.

Here are some examples of absolutely free ideas which makes you happy in minutes. Make your happy list.

Play with your pet, look at sunrise or fall, look at waves of the sea, eat your favorite dish, doodle something, dance like nobody in the room, plenty of ideas that makes you happy. You just need to keep reminding yourself is happiness is the gold, grab it.

13 Laugh more

No, I am not asking you to laugh all day without a reason. If you are able to find 1000 reasons to cry than find at least 1 reason to smile, don’t you?

Laughing is the best therapy to be happy. Meet a jolly person, book for some comedy plays in the town, watch funny movies and series, read humorous books and articles, do any of these activities to enlighten yourself.

Your gentle smile is the reason for someone’s happiness. Try to smile often because ONE’S SMILE MAKES TWO’ SMILE.

14 Take short breaks

Are you prolonging every little success? Do you stress too much about big things? Taking a small break from life is not a crime!

Everyone is so busy in this highly competitive life which leads to more stress and depression. Find time for a picnic with your family, take your wife out for a romantic dinner, meet your family on weekends, go hiking this summer, take short breaks with daily chaos.

You will never find a man with no worries. Take time to enjoy those precious moments which you will be missing your whole time. Money, career, health any issue never forget to smile and enjoy the present moment. This one is the best to develop good mental health.

15 Plan your day

Take a look at your life and find an area where you need to improve. Perhaps you want to get in better physical shape, want to save more money for retirement, want to publish a book, travel the world, whatever your dream is, plan for it.

Plan for your next day before sleep, make a habit of planning your work. This habit is one of the most beneficial habits to improve mental health.

People who plan well, less anxious about their work. They are confident about their next step and always have good mental health to make better decisions.

Plan ahead to change your life drastically.

16 Excel at one thing

Multitasking word is confusing. You don’t need to do 2-3 tasks at a time but give your best efforts to at one time. And complete your multiple tasks at the end of the day.

When you are running behind many things, you end up with more stress and low productivity. So try to excel one thing and its applicable to all business and daily life tasks.


17 Self-care

Self-care is the best way to practice good mental health. After a busy day, taking hour-long hot bath work magically to feel relaxed and calm.

Even if you are a stay at home mom, you need to practice self-care activities. You can try coloring books or sewing, try new styles, use essential oils, declutter or visit a spa.

18 Talk and ask for help

My best tip to improve your mental health is to be open to talking. I know there is another side of the story about people with mental illness which we never imagine if we feel that way. But nowadays the importance of mental health is widely accepted.

Accept your weaknesses and talk about what you feel. When you found situations are not in your control ask for help. Find a good psychiatrist, counselor or personal coach who can guide you on how to train yourself with all the odds.

19 Volunteer

Help others. Our first purpose to live should be served. When you help others, you get appreciation and a sense of goodness.

Make a habit to volunteer in any social activity weekly to improve your mental health. Your attitude toward humanity will rise and that way you are more open to handling yours and others emotions too.

20 Develop a habit to listen and appreciate others

There is one solution to all types of conflicts at home and work – better communication.

Listen more and understand others because every human being is fighting his own fights. Appreciate others.

Say or write a thank you note, tell people how grateful you are for having them.

This habit helps you to build good mental health and you are creating a more trustful and loving atmosphere around yourself.

Last Words

Our mental health affects how we think and feel so to live a better life, we have to develop life-changing habits to improve mental health in a real way.

A good mental health doesn’t mean you are not diagnosed with any mental illness but it ensures you can live a more fulfilling life.

You might be surprised by the fact that people with diagnosed disorders like Bipolar or Schizophrenia are less than almost not so visible mental issues like anxiety, stress, and depression. So It’s time to focus on good mental health.

Do you really feel stress in your everyday life?

When last time you think about to improve your mental health?

Do you think the above tips to get good mental health are really helpful?

Feel free to write down your views and suggestions as we all want to create a more loving and happy world.

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