Most Intriguing Thing in The World – THOUGHTS

I decided to write something interesting. No wonder I am confused what it makes Interesting to all. There are several topics like Politics, Lifestyle, Hobby, Sports, Music, Cooking… But no one has a common interest as we all are distinct.

The most intriguing thing I think in this world is THOUGHTS. Yes, thoughts coming to your mind makes you take interest into something. Whenever I (accidentally) watch a cooking show, I never find it most interesting as such the first thought come to my mind is it must be difficult for me to make this and it would be time-consuming. The laziness of yours can easily scare you to take the first step. So my not so positive thoughts about cooking make me not interested in the show. I am bewildered how the same thing can be so much interesting for others.

You might have read many interesting thoughts about life but have you ever thought about what is really intriguing? Yes, your own thoughts make the world so interesting.

Below are some characteristics of Thoughts which make them so intriguing:

Thoughts are Distinct.

Our brain structure is of same size & shape, still, we find that people have distinct thoughts. Even for the same object, we have different thoughts and perspectives.

Thoughts have a different effect on the same Object.

If a pretty lady comes into your office, the whole staff would have different thoughts in mind. Thoughts can be classified according to gender in that case. The Same event can be perceived differently by the same type of people.

Thoughts are not consistent.

So you can have various thoughts at the same time which may or may not be linked & you can easily switch from one to another as you keep on thinking.

Thoughts are Free.

You can go to London by just sitting in comfort of your sofa. You just have to stretch a little and you will fly anywhere. All of this is just free of cost. Even it is not mandatory how much thoughts you can have at the particular time. No Taxes No Boundaries All just Free.


The way you think, the whole world changes.

They are evil as well as Devil. There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts. We can feel more trouble if our thoughts are on wrong way. Every positive thing turn into negative if you can’t control your thoughts.

All Action result from thought, so it is thoughts that matters!!!!!

Sai Baba

Thoughts are powerful.

Few weeks back, I saw a news one man killed his wife because he thinks his wife had affair. I saw the man looked so innocent & her wife seems so strong. How this skinny man can dare to stab his wife with a knife. The first thing came to my mind was his wife looks so strong, she even didn’t need any knife to stab him so how he can dare to do so. What type of thoughts came to his mind & how strongly pursued by him to do this crime. Your Thoughts make you powerful to do anything which looks impossible.

Thoughts have immense energy so channelize in right way.

Your positive thoughts lead you in your life. We can see how great leaders come out with all odds in their life by their positive thoughts. Your negative thoughts valiantly break you down. You become absolute fragile if you don’t control. The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. So don’t think too much otherwise you will create a problem that wasn’t there in first place.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. 

William Jame

A simple thought can turn into a big idea which can bring revolution to the whole world. But in the same way, your unscrupulous thought leads to a catastrophe. It’s up to us how we use our thought for betterment & well being. However, no one can control his/her own thought we just try hard to channelized our thoughts vigorously.

Our thoughts are so intriguing and which makes life so interesting. Let’s make a better world with more positive thoughts!!!

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