30 Fun Things to do as a couple at home instead of breaking the bank

Long working hours, having kids, so tired to go out, not having a budget or you are a lazy person. If you have any of these reasons, you might get bored and clueless about what to do on the weekend. You are looking for some cheap date night ideas at home to rekindle romance into your relationship. There are several fun things to do as a couple at home instead of breaking the bank to reconnect in your marriage.

Home is the sweetest place and there are so many memories we have there. To make your bond stronger and unbreakable you must have to date your spouse even if you stay at home. These are some little things which bring so much happiness and love in your life. Why do we want to spend money on expensive outdoor fun things? There are lots of other ways to have a splendid weekend at the house.

Are you ready to check a bucket list for couples – fun things to do at home?

30 Fun Things To Do As Couple At Home Without Spending Much

Fun things to do as a couple at home without spending money

Plan your next vacation

Do you have a dream place to visit? How about planning together to travel to that place? This weekend or holidays plan your next vacation. Discuss your travel bucket list, make a budget, gather information about the food and culture of that country. The feeling of planning a vacation can set your mood.

Play conversation starter games

Conversation starters will give life to a boring and almost dead relationship. What food describes you best? What was the strangest date ever? Choose one thing (give a list of his/her favorite) from these three things. There are many effective conversation starter questions you can ask for fun.

Even if you can find many conversation starter games online and order them for group stay night. You can prepare one for your family meetup too. Get ready to know each other more!

Social media detox date night

Don’t you think cellphone and excessive use of social media is killing your relationship? You have to tame the habit of using gadgets. Switch off your cell phone and live in the present moment because it creates a false perception about the relationship. Spend more time with your wife rather than cluelessly scrolling over facebook and I bet she loves this ( Women need to surf less over Pinterest!!!). Don’t let your relationship to be compared with lovely pictures.

Having a social media detox day is one of the top habits to improve the quality of your life. Being social is not a bad idea but look out your own wife/husband get more attention than your followers!!!

Have breakfast in bed

couple taking breakfast in bed

Having breakfast in bed and drink coffee together is the best way to start a day with so much love. If your wife is a stay at home mom, you should give this treat to make her feel so special. Many SAHM prefers to have some more sleep in the morning, you can read some advice for husbands of stay at home mom are HERE.

Have a theme day

Why do you like to eat at your favorite restaurant? The ambiance and feel you get from that restaurant. Why not create a theme date at home?

Prepare Spanish food, get ready with the theme of food and arrange your table for candlelight dinner. Sit and enjoy as long as you want. What a cheap date night idea with your husband? And how much fun it is, if you try new dishes and prepare them together? Try once, it will be a memorable experience for sure.

Play board games`

You can play some classic board games like cards, chess, monopoly, scrabble at home and just relaxed. Play some video games and compete with each other. Even if you are planning for a double date at home game night will be so much fun.

Watch Netflix or movie marathon together

This one will be everyone’s favorite – binge-watching Netflix. Make a list of your favorite movies and have fun with popcorn. Ohh!!! Have a phone nearby so you can order pizza anytime!!!

Cook dinner together

 couple cooking

Cooking might be a boring activity alone but it will be super fun to cook a meal together. Prepare each other’s favorite dish, bake a cake or why don’t you have a competition to bake some cookies?!!!

Cooking together will improve your coordination. Have some music on and do some slow dance move together. This will be best among fun things to do at home as a couple.

Do some workout together

Sweating together will be a fun activity to do as a couple at home. If you don’t have a gym at home, do some stretching or meditation together. You can try your hand on couple yoga.

Doing a 15 min workout can increase your overall happiness in life. Click HERE if you want to be a happier person. A workout will be best out of happy couple gals.

Visit museum online

I know you got surprised that visit museum online. The British Museum in London, The Louvre in Paris are some museums that have online collections. So if you are an artistic person why can’t you visit and see the antic collection and have fun. This is a great opportunity to understand more about your spouse’ interest.

Read a book together

Read your favorite book together or you can do role play from that book. Reading will not be as boring as you think, choose good books. Make a bookshelf or arrange that reading corner. You can fire up and have that good read together when there is so much cold outside.

Try some new desserts or mocktails

Food is the thing which enthralls you than this will be the most exciting activity for you as a couple to do at home. Try some new desserts or make some twisted mix of cocktails. If you are a wine lover, you can do a wine testing game at home.

Create scrapbook

Do you remember when you first met? Where was your first date? Why don’t you create a scrapbook for your love story? This will be a life long memory which you can relive whenever you open it. Don’t forget to decorate it!

Take pictures

Get ready for no reason and click some couple picture using your tripod or iPhone. You can also book a photographer and have a professional photo shoot into a low budget. Pictures are a perfect reason to fall in love again. Have some fun by clicking some random click too.

fun date ideas for couples at home

Challenge each other in a game

Cute little pillow fight is ice on a cake. Have some fun fights. Even you can challenge your partner doing dishes, arranging clothes in the wardrobe or short race inside the house. The winner will have a credit score.

“ Let us Flip the coin and see. Head, I am yours. Tail, you are mine. So we won’t lose.”

Play karaoke using youtube videos

You are all alone at home, why you don’t let the singer come out of yourself? Play youtube on your TV and play karaoke and have some fun date night together.

Create a music playlist and dance together

Music and dance are deadly combinations to rock any dull day. You can do faceoff to make it more challenging. If you are not so good at dancing, hey, if this is so you will have more fun. Try your cranky move together and have a good laugh at each other.

Create a playlist of your favorite romantic songs and enjoy your favorite drink with some snacks.

Recreate your first date

What did you eat on your first date? Did you remember what you wear that night? Recreate the same theme at your dining room, wear same kinda outfits and pretend it will be your first date. This will be an inexpensive date night idea and you must add in a list of things to do as a couple.

Camping at backyard

Campfire will be the most lovable thing you can do it together. Create a little tent and enjoy some sizzling food together. What a lovely idea!!!

Watching the sunset and make star formations

” The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”  – Audrey Hepburn

couple watching sunset together

Watching the sunset while holding each other is the lovable thing. Have your favorite food and look star formations in the sky. Sky, stars, romantic music and a bottle of wine is a perfect formula for a romantic date.

Create or spend some time in a mini garden

Spending some time in nature is a refreshing activity. Get your clothes dirty in your garden area or create a mini garden in your house. Grow some beautiful plants together, discuss your thoughts with your sweetheart.


Weekdays are jam-packed with the duty and load of works. Having some self-care time will be a great fun activity.

Visit neighborhood places

I know you are not in the mood to go out. What’s about going to nearby coffee or flower shop? You are going on the same street to come back home but never visit the nearby shop or taste donut from the bakery shop just back side of your house.

Even you can visit your neighbors to make a good connection or invite them for dinner. When you are living far away from your family, are your first family. You might enjoy or find some good gossip to do after visiting neighbors.

Paint together

Have a canvas and draw portraits of each other or try to make a painting. This is a colorful activity to do together as a couple at home. Paint your imagination and help each other.

Redesign any room

How about changing the interior or rearrange the furniture to create a new and fresh look of your house? You can paint the walls together or try new wallpaper. You can even search for new designs to decorate your house.

DIY Projects

Create some DIY project like new photo frames, decorate customized coffee mug for each other, paint on t-shirts.

Declutter and Clean the house

Arrange your wardrobe and ask for suggestions to each other. Take out all DVDs and sort out them. Wash the car, cleaning outer windows, doing laundry together can be fun thIng too. Maybe this will be little argumentive activity but you can’t imagine how much work and time you saved for the coming week.

Write a love letter to each other

“ I love you” begins by I, but it ends up by you. ― Charles de Leusse

When It was the last time you expressed your feelings in a letter? When last time you said “I Love You” to each other so passionately? Love letter will be an enticement to bring back the charm of an old love. Do not miss a chance to let your love know how much you love.

Plan for future

Even if we are staying in one house, we rarely discuss our life plans openly. Listen to each other’s life goals, expectations and work on them. You can discuss your investment and savings.

Prepare a budget and how to live more frugal to be debt free life or how to save to purchase your dream house anything about your future well being. Plan more so it will not create a big fight in the future.

Learn a new language

There are tons of apps and source on the internet which can learn you a new language absolutely free. Learning German or Spanish will be a fun yet a utilitarian thing to do as a couple at home.

You can choose a language which is one of the most spoken languages in your region and you don’t understand. This will be a learning and fun thing so you enjoy the overall culture of your homeland more. Even you can try a totally which is rarely used or not so much widely spoken in your area. Like, learn Chinese even if you are American. How about teasing each other publicly in a crowd where no one understands your secret language?!!! You can choose the regional language of the country you want to travel next.

Bonus Idea

Make a bucket list

You planned your future and save for it. Now its time to create a crazy couple bucket list. Write down the fun things you want to do as a couple.

Attend a favorite concert, a totally unplanned road trip, trying a new diet program, join new hobby classes, festivals in nearby cities, write down each. Separate your list with small and big things. Start working on small things first, plan your next weekend for an unplanned road trip!

Life is interesting if you want it to be.

Last Words

Your partner is the only one who accepted you inside out. Even if you married him for many years sometimes you totally ignored the funny and creative side of your significant other. To create a loving and supporting relationship, it’s necessary to spend more time together.

Have some conversation, do cute little pillow fight, cook and clean the house together, dance on a favorite song. These are insanely inexpensive yet fun activities you can do as a couple. The time you spend together is precious. Use that time to strengthen your love, because real love is a gem.

It’s not about how much money and success you have in your life. It’s a priceless time you have together RIGHT NOW. So don’t waste it. Do these fun yet free things to do at home as a couple to spend quality time together and spark that love in your life again.

I am sure everybody has his/her special things to do. What is your favorite fun activity to do at home as a couple?

Are you going to try any of these cheap couple date night ideas at home?

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