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Blogging is not easy. We get to experience it as soon as we start getting our feet wet in this exciting water. We have to learn about insurmountable topics with ever changing interest of readers. There are few people out there who are passionate about blogging and taking it as a serious business. With their hard work, they have tasted the success, making good amount of money and now work on the things they love.

A great success in our initial experiment of interviewing Mommy Bloggers has inspired us to bring more experts on our platform. We are reaching out to other versatile bloggers who have achieved remarkable success by their hard work and making a mega living by earning from blogging. We hope the experiences of those pro bloggers will guide you, teach you and inspire you in your blogging career.

In this new series, we introduce to you Ryan. A globe-trotting and island-hopping blogger who is always there to share incredible experiences from his enviable lifestyle. Ryan shares his experiences on Blogging From Paradise and he has been been featured on sites like Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News, Positively Positive, Life Hack Dot Org, John Chow Dot Com, Neil Patel Dot Com, Pro Blogger and Blogging Tips Dot Com.

Let’s know more about his journey straight from his words:

Hello Ryan, please share a little bit about yourself. Your island life and how come you entered into Blogging world.

I have been island hopping for the past 7 years but left the 9-5 gig to become a pro blogger. I was fired from my security guard job and my wife told me about the online business aka blogging bit. I dove in, had some bumps and bruises but eventually built up my blog.

This might be a silly question but how do you survive on your blog as you have a traveler soul? What do you like to do when you don’t have an Internet connection?

These days, we research places before visiting to ensure we have a dependable connection. But when we started traveling in 2011 we had to do some creating offline and surrender being online in spots with poor connections. Work offline by creating content then take advantage of up time by loading your work and checking email when the internet is up.

You are a passionate learner, creating E-books. What are you reading or writing on right now?

I am writing tons of posts and reading tons of blog posts too. I do most research through blog posts on sites like Pro Blogger and Blogging Tips. But reading fiction is important to me too; fires up my imagination. I am reading The Lord of the Rings Guidebook as I am in New Zealand now and want to see some of these places; big Hobbit fan LOL!

What kind of hardships have you faced living a globe-trotting, island-hopping life? Your suggestions on DOs and DON’Ts could help our readers a lot.

My 1 chief hardship; I left home with heavy mental baggage and deep fears that I was forced to face on the road. Instead of getting my shop in order, working on my mindset and feeling better back home in the US I traveled the world while still clinging to limiting beliefs, so me and my wife ran into financial problems early during the trip. Eventually I worked through these issues but doing so at home before traveling would have enhanced our experience. BUT….I do believe everything happens at the perfect place and perfect time. So these experiences made me who I am today and were meant to happen when they happened.

Is there any day when you got disappointed to the extent that you thought to leave blogging? What type of challenges did you face while getting started in the blogging world?

Nope; I never genuinely thought of quitting. I fell too in love with freedom to let my fears call the shots. I did run into problems driving traffic, increasing profits, monetizing my blog and thinking like an entrepreneur. Working on my mindset helped me get through these issues when I learned to feel my fears and to blog mainly for fun, with a sense of detachment about blogging.

How did you overcome your initial failures? Any tip for a newbie to stay motivated in initial days?

Don’t use motivation; this is a common rookie mistake. Motivation is looking outside of you for drivers, toward people, money, traffic, and since change is constant, you will lose motivation. Follow your passion. Blog mainly for fun. If the money or traffic doesn’t arrive, you will keep blogging because you’re doing it for fun.

If I don’t have money, how can I get started?

You cannot get started without money. Don’t bother; don’t waste your time. Get a job and buy a domain and hosting. Or ask someone for money and buy a domain and hosting. This is a blogging non-negotiable and also a good blogging practice for doing freeing but uncomfortable stuff. Spend money to make money.

How do you monetize your blog and which are your favorite/most effective monetization platforms?

I have over 10 income streams. I have no faves because my focus is on having fun with blogging. It’s like a carpenter who loves their work; whether using hammer, saw or ruler, they just love their work. I write and self-publish Amazon eBooks, I create online courses, offer coaching, offer freelance writing services, sell audio books I co-created, sell ad space, sell sponsored posts and work a handful of consulting streams.

How to get into affiliate marketing or contact influencers?

2 different concepts; you can start affiliate marketing via any affiliate opportunity. Contact influencers by spending *1 to 3 months HELPING THEM WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANYTHING*. I capped these words because hundreds of people ask me to do stuff for them and I don’t care about them because they don’t care about me; prove you don’t want to use me, but that you want to befriend me. This is how to impress, befriend and partner with influencers. Also, practice writing. A lot. Improve your skills to impress influencers.

SEO is a great thing if you use it right way. What steps you have to take to implement SEO on your blog. Any particular Plugin or other strategies you want to suggest?

I do little SEO as it feels heavy-boring to me. Instead, I focus on creating content, serving people and befriending top bloggers, all foundations of a successful blogging business.

How can I come up with content ideas for things to post about?

I mine sites like Quora, the Warrior Forum and scan my comments and emails.

Sometime we enter into writer’s block, how to overcome with it?

Sit with it. If you feel the fear of writer’s block arise, sit in that spot and breathe deeply. Like everything, the fear passes, and you get a blog post idea.

How do you feel about link building strategies? Do you feel this concept is ignored by most bloggers?

I focus on creating helpful content, making buddies and the links pile up for me.

Nowadays, many aspirant bloggers think that it’s easy to earn money from blogging and they are expecting overnight success. What are your views on that and what would be your suggestions for them?

Set aside the next 2-4 years of your life. Dedicate these 2-4 years to building a successful blog the right way. Good things take time.

Why connecting to other bloggers is beneficial in long run? Why creating a personal network is important for making a brand?

1000 is better than 1. If I tweeted my stuff all day long, a few people visit my blog. But 1000 people or more tweeting my stuff over weeks means more folks visit my blog 🙂 1000 is better than 1. Make friends.

How do you see your life after 5 years? Your long-term vision for life.

None. I live in the moment; that’s where my power is. Seriously; people wonder how I wrote 126 eBooks or 2,000 blog posts. They are focusing on the future and I am in the Now. Time is an illusion anyway so whether it is 30 years from now or 2,000 years in the past we are always in the Moment.

How readers of Escape Writers can find you? Your Social Media Links.

Sure thing:

That was fantastic Ryan! It’s so good to know about your highly inspirational blogging journey and lifestyle. Our readers will surely learn a thing or two from your experiences. As they say ‘Fortune favours the bold’, some of your bold decisions have brought you this success and you will keep reaping fruits of it in future too.

We thank you from bottom of our heart to take out your precious time and sharing so many things with us. We wish you all the very best for all your future endeavours and trips! Thank you once again.

Guys, if you have any questions for Ryan then please feel free to post it in comments. Don’t forget to share the interview with your friends and family to inspire them!

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