Mommy Blogger Interview #9 – Mama

MAMA is an enthusiastic SAHM who writes on MamaWritesReview. She lives in Texas with her soulmate, two little boys, and 3 crazy dogs. She majorly does the review of products, crafts, tutorials, recipes, parenting and so on. She also does a weekly Quickie Question Post and Wednesday Wishlist Post- where she gives you the best reviews of a wide range of products which she wishes to be at her home.

As a mom, children’s nap time is the best time which she utilizes to do blogging. She is the one who loves to do everything. She loves playing music and can play different instruments. Loves fitness and running. Participated in several races like a half marathon. She is terrible at cleaning stuff but gives priority to do coloring, playing and watching movies with the boys. Her family is totally science fiction movies buff. Her husband is an expert in computers who is a great supporter and best friend. Loves to see her little family hanging out together.

Her blog is a place where she writes about herself and things that amuse her.  She is focusing on Instagram and Pinterest strategies most to promote her blog. Let’s meet this simple mommy who shares her blogging journey.

Name: Mama

Lives In: Texas

About Your Little Stars: Froot Loop- 5, Cocoa Puff- 2 1/2

Where could we find you?

Tell us something about your life. How do you feel about it?
I’m a stay at home Mama with a blog and an Etsy store. I practice what I call “independent parenting” where I encourage my kiddos to play and do things by themselves. I blog 5-6 days a week about toys, parenting, special education, weather, crafts, and other random things.

What major changes have come into your life after being a mom?
Everything changed. EVERYTHING. The way I think. The way I live.

How crucial do you think is a Mother’s role in parenting?
Absolutely essential.

What made you think to start blogging?
I talk too much and needed an outlet.

How do you get inspired to write? Your sources of inspiration.
I like to write about whatever my kids or I am interested in at the moment. I also like to write about things that amuse me.

How blogging changed your world?
I’ve met people from all around the globe and made new friends.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a mommy blogger?
Balancing my time between my kids, chores, outreach, and writing.

Share your funniest yet cranky moment with your child.
My youngest is the HAPPIEST child on the planet. He’s always laughing and smiling and generally being goofy. The first time I ever heard him yell and freak out was when we were visiting my Grandma for Christmas when he was about 15 months old. She gently asked my son to clean up his toys and he stood up, turned around, looked her square in the eye and said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! and shrieked at the top of his lungs. It was HILARIOUS.

As such being a Mom you are working for 24*7, how do you really find a #metime? What do you like to do in your leisure time?
Ha. What’s me time?

What type of planning strategy do you follow for your blog?
I use none. I do it all myself.

Share your promotion strategy to get success. Which social media platform do you use the most?
I’m really using Pinterest and Instagram right now.

Where do you get support on technical and non-technical issues with blogging?
My husband is a web developer and graphic designer so I turn to him for all of that stuff. With the blogging stuff, I use a myriad of Facebook blogging groups.

Any piece of advice for a new mommy blogger.
Just write!

What’s the next milestones you want to achieve?
I’d love to get a good deal of email subscribers. I’m doing okay on getting followers on social media, but my email list is pretty sparse!

Mama doesn’t want to be like others, she wants to be a better version of herself. She does an honest review which makes us read her blog. Wish she will get all success and fulfill her dreams very soon.

Share her story and comment your honest views about her interview.

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