A Holy Picnic!

In previous article Picnic Planning – A 3-Stages Process, we saw how arranging a picnic is as complex as Logarithm Table. Now let’s see when it actually works!

Religion runs in our blood and we can not accept the people who disagree to our spirituality. That’s the reason why a plan to visit a temple never failed. It never ever required detail discussions as no one want to make the God angry by refusing to visit his place. We transformed a fun going activity – Picnic into a Holy Picnic.

Basically, your Holy Picnic starts with a queue. We will find a long queue at each famous temple. We are so enthusiastic to reach first that we always keep pushing others in lines (seems like if your no. is 10, not 9 you will not get blessings from the God ). Moreover, some temples have decided the time when the God takes rest. The queue is the place where your communication skill sparkle, we ask others’ places, reasons to come, some ladies discuss their social issues, young men staring at beautiful ladies, poor married men discuss management, political issues, and any topic under the Sun as their wives always have an eye on them.Children suddenly become demanding as they know when to cry (Emotional Atyachaar). Disabled & oldies suffer a little because only a few temples provide the special arrangement for them.

Hence, make all the efforts to cross the queue & reach at the final place, in front of the God. Somehow I realize when you just close your eyes & start praying, you will feel a massive force & just find yourself at the exit gate. You should be strong enough to stand for 2 minutes to complete your prayer. So I just do Namaskar to the God as others will not let it happen to complete my wishes. If someone manages to stand in front of the God, we start murmuring yaar Kitna mangega???. We all want to stay for long there but we do not let others do the same, that is contradictory matter. As a child, I loved to visit such holy place because of two things: 1. Delicious Prasad 2. Small vendors who are selling Toys.

Well, we can feel royal treatment if we make it on odd days. Arrange it on the weekday which is a tough task. People who actually want to go temple for a true prayer are less. Most of we visit a temple because it’s convenient & highly appreciable. Our religious nature makes us all visit a temple & we all, in spite of any age, feel the harmony & joy of togetherness. So our visit to a temple becomes A Holy Picnic.

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