10 Shocking Things People Don’t Tell You About Blogging

How to increase organic traffic to your blog? Which are best strategies of SEO? How to monetize your blog? How to skyrocket your email subscribers list? How to grow your business with Pinterest? How to become an influencer of Instagram? How to create viral content for your blog?

Well, almost all searchable queries added in the beginning. Hope this time our post can be visible and have popular keywords.

Every blogger in this world would understand why these lines are of such a great importance!

If you are a writer and not a blogger, read this. And if you are a blogger, you will really feel this post!!!

Every profession has side effects. And blogging is no difference. Blogging does some really insane changes in your overall personality.

July- 2018 one year completed by EscapeWriters. People do annual reports, flaunt analytics graphs, how much they earned and much more. But sorry to say we don’t have a single penny in our account. Sad but true. So don’t expect anything which can drive you crazy to start a blog but you will also have a feeling that blogging is not an easy thing.

Let’s start with 10 crazy things happens to you when you start writing a blog.

What is called a blogger’s life!!!

1. METIME becomes a true luxury you won’t have easily accessible

Before starting blogging, you might have enjoyed a lot of time to self-pamper yourself. Spent much time in leisure activities. But after starting blogging, the table turns around. The story changes drastically! Now, you will start struggling each day to try all the new things you are learning. Running with the clock to check-off the tasks list you have created.

You are busy drafting a new article which you think will be your most viral post. Every minute is counted. You can’t write one day and have a cup of coffee to see results.

With the ever-changing interest of people, you have to think out of the box on continuous bases. You are striving for a new blog post which everyone would like to read. A great content idea which could become viral. We all are endeavoring to get success.

It’s a myth that Blogging is just writing. You have to frantically promote too. You have to make a good schedule and marketing strategy to reach on the first page of Google among a plethora of other articles on the same topic. So blogging is a full-time job and you have to optimally use every minute.

2. Mobile becomes a love of your life

You never ever thought that mobile is now the most precious possession in your life. Just ask a blogger what mobile means to them.

It’s like heart-beat of any blogger. Your whole work is handled by this tiny device. You will start looking like cellphone addicted.

People will gaze at you. But it’s your work and you have to do it. So if you start blogging just be prepared to answer this question: what is doing all the time on your phone?

3. Your Real problems are not Real people around you

Before starting a blog, you had the different set of problems like quarreling neighborhood aunties, the guy staring at you for more than 15 minutes, your friend had a break-up and many such more.

But after starting a blog, you will realize that those problems don’t actually bother you anymore. They just seat around in the remotest corner of your mind where you will never give a single look. Now, the greatest problems in your life are “traffic on your blog” and “monetizing your blog”.

You don’t have enough time to gossip with others. What people are talking about you doesn’t matter to you as you are busy checking google analytics all the time. The big zero in your Google Adsense account is more depressing than no one appreciating your dress or your new look.

Many of us start blogging to earn money, but that’s not the sole purpose. Blogging is a space where you are what you are. Not to be judged by others. This platform gives you a freedom to talk about what you can’t convey in real life. It’s a place to share your deepest sorrow and greatest joy. Now it doesn’t matter that someone not behaving as how you want them to. Your readers are more valuable than them.

4. You start talking to yourself

This one is really insane. All the time you are just thinking about a new content idea. Thinking about your schedule of posting. How you wanna promote your latest article? Your mind keeps thinking 24*7 about what to do next.

This might lead you to be somewhat unconscious about surroundings. People might think that you have a little crack in your mind. They may guess you are having some mental health issues in your life.

5. Your dashboard reports are as important as your medical reports

The dashboard graph will directly affect your blood pressure. The high views make you crazy and lowest views can make you feel so depressed. SEO, Organic Traffic, Backlinks, Monetization are some real diseases now.

You have to work on daily basis to defeat them. These words are scarier and haunting than any real ghost.

6. You start making virtual relationships

You will find your readers and clients through your blog. They can see your work and you are managing the whole of your business online – virtually.

A call or a meeting is equal to your single mail conversation. You must know how to communicate virtually. Have to be so specific while writing as you can’t say “I am sorry, I didn’t mean this” after sending a mail each time. Your conversation should be crystal clear.

As a newbie in blogging, you must join blogging groups on Facebook. No matter how much great bloggers dissing about these groups. Why? Will discuss that in the next point. So after interacting over blogging groups, you can make new friends. Friends who do what you like to do. Friends who might be as clueless as you are. Friends who can help you. So it’s not only reader or client you will find you can make some real friends over here.

7. You are now more extrovert and frank to ask for help

Ask the lifestyle blogger, how blogging changed the way of their living? Taking photos of everything looks like kids’ game but it’s not.

You must forget about the surrounding people. Ignore their mean comments. That ultimately makes you a bold and extrovert. From the first day of blogging, you realize that you can’t set up your blog just by watching videos and reading books.

Every time you are stuck, you need help. Who will help you? Blogging groups can come to your rescue. Just ask a query and you will see what a great response you receive. Facebook blogging groups are not just for threads and like for like. There are many groups where we share grammar rules, goals, technical problems, latest trends, change in algorithms of various social accounts, clients and many time personal issues too.

In blogging groups, you can ask others for their opinion on your design template, share your latest achievement even how to grow your Instagram feed when you are really not able to spend $$$ for travel.

8. You will emerge as a global citizen who is more mature and knowledgeable

Your reader can be from any corner of the world. You must keep this in mind while writing. You can’t do any biased write-up. The ideology of your country might not work best for you.

You have to act and prepare your blogs according to your reader’s zone. It is quite possible that you are saying good morning to your readers but it’s actually a good night for them. So you need to turn your mind into a time zone converter. If you have a blog catering to your local audience then it will be fine to write what you see around.
But like our blog, which has the largest reader base from the US, we pretend to have 2 presidents. And we will see more Trump Tweets and posts. Your own personal beliefs should be sidelined when you are writing for the global audience. There would be many wrong perceptions you have in mind. As you grow, you would see all your assumptions shattered into pieces. So accept yourself as a global citizen. Act like that. Write like that.

I never had any idea about postpartum depression, ADHD, Sensory issues before starting blogging. No idea what means #OOTD. Funny. But some Instagram hashtags are now so popular that they are included in the Oxford dictionary.

Every blog is different. Topics are versatile. People share their true life stories here. Wouldn’t be so much aware of autism if I never read some blogs on that topic.

You are now gathering information both technical and emotional via reading others. Some of the terms you never thought before are just life of that blogger. I read a blog of one person who is visually impaired who is raising awareness among such kind of people. So it’s not always funny and fake things you can read over blogs. You are learning each day.

9. You earn a degree in Marketing Strategist

People will tell you content is the king. Of course. But in today’s world, you must know some marketing tricks to stand out in competition. You have to promote your blog.

There is no shame in a promotion. Everybody does it even after getting a great success.

Every blogger promotes their product and latest article. Making a catchy tagline (click bait in terms of blogging) to a unique cover image, all you need is a great marketing skill. Your creativity plays a critical role in your final draft.

Writing well is not an optional thing. But presenting your great content is also an art which is inclined with some technical matters. Making a successful blog, you need to be an SEO expert. Keywords are your weapons.

The person who uses a great SEO marketing strategy always has a high chance to get success. You will learn this thing as you grow into this field.

10. You need a daily motivation

It’s not about one day you wake up and think you will start a blog. Blogging is a real struggle. The more you do it, the more you know it. It’s quite hard to run a successful and money making blog.

Every time you see someone made x amount of $$ in just a few months, it hurts. You can start taking yourself not too intelligent or maybe not too lucky. Many leave this as they are not motivated to run more.

Every day you post a blog and wait for the day when thousands of people read it. Actually, the numbers are making you frustrated.

Every other day, you have to begin with a fresh start. So if you start blogging, do at least one thing which lights up your spirit. It can be anything a music, reading, TEDx Talk, Podcast, anything. But have something that will provide you enough motivation daily.

So my dear reader, after 1 year of blogging, there is one thing I want to say “Blogging is not easy”. You have to work each day, each moment to keep your blog up. But blogging has its own charm. Once you step into this, it’s really hard to just give up so easily.

Before blogging, you usually scroll down various articles and now you actually read them. Because you know the hard work behind each blog post. Still, people don’t like to call you a writer. A blogger is a writer who works more on single page article.

Blogging is a therapy, it’s a hope, its a wishlist or it’s your passive income. Blogging is a passion and if you want to do it, have passion. I am doing it and you can too.

Never give up!!!

And by chance you read till the end, don’t forget to leave your valuable comment.

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10 shocking things happens to you when you start a blog and no one tell you truth behind blogger's life

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