11 Great Ways to Prepare for Baby Before Arrival

Preparing for a baby comes with a mixed bag of emotions for everyone in the family. Of course, it is an exciting time because a new life is about to enter your house, but it can also be incredibly stressful with all of the preparation that goes into being baby ready. Though, you have nine months to prepare it never seems like enough time. If you are expecting a little one, help yourself and the rest of the family out by checking off everything on this list.

1. Take a Class… Or Five

Whether this is your first baby ,or you are a seasoned parent it is always good to learn from other people. If it is baby number one, hearing the experience of others about pregnancy, labor, and taking care of a newborn can be invaluable. If taking a class isn’t your thing, don’t worry, these are all things you’ll learn as you grow and your baby will be fine.

2. Baby Proofing the Home

Baby proofing does not have to be done when the baby is still in the womb, but it is not a bad idea. After the baby comes, you are going to be sleeping whenever you can and caring for the baby’s needs. When those things aren’t on your plate, you may just want to spend some quality time with him or her or catch a second of much-needed me time. No matter what, you are not going to want to be drilling in drawers and plugging up sockets, so it takes some stress off of future you to get it done now.

How to prepare for baby

3. Start Preparing Pets

When I was expecting my first child, I bought a baby doll that cried and crawled around. I would set it in high traffic areas of the house so it would start crying and moving around my pets. The idea was to get them use to the sounds and movements that may startle them and put them on the defensive. I think it worked as we never had any problems with the cats or dog.

4. Have a Baby Shower

To be prepared for the baby you have to have everything that you and the baby need to thrive. Find out what experienced moms recommend, then create a baby registry. This way when friends, family, and coworkers throw you a baby shower(s), you will get the things you actually want and need.

5. Buy Essential Items

Your baby shower will get you tons of cute and helpful items,but you can’t rely on it for the big-ticket stuff. Not only that but picking things like a car seat or crib is an intimate process that you want to experience for yourself. These items are often budget dampers too, so it is good to spread them out throughout the pregnancy.

6. Take Care of You

So much about preparing for a baby is to keep them safe and comfortable, but you need to make sure that you are taken care of as well. Line up help from family and friends to give yourself a break when you need it the most. Even simple things like stocking up on freezer meals,so you don’t have to cook can do wonders for your mental well-being as well as your energy levels.

7. Be Prepared for Feedings

If you are planning on formula feeding make sure that you have bottles that you are comfortable with and have done your research on the formula you plan on providing for your baby. If you are breastfeeding, you are going to want breast pads, a good pump, milk storage containers, and probably some lanolin.

8. Find a Pediatrician

Having an OBGYN is one thing, but having a pediatrician lined up is another thing entirely. Much like finding daycare, finding a pediatrician that is taking on new patients can be a challenge depending on where you live.

9. Pack Your Hospital Bag

When labor hits, it can hit fast,and you don’t need to search hard to find stories about women giving birth in cabs and apartment lobbies because the baby was coming too fast. While this is sometimes unavoidable, your best bet is to get to the hospital as soon as you can. One thing that helps with being able to walk out the door as soon as the time comes is to have your hospital bag packed and waiting.

10. Prepare Areas of the Home for Rest

Something that every parent and professional will tell you is to sleep when the baby sleeps. Create areas of your home that are conducive to passing out at a moment’s notice. Make sure there is room around your bed for a bassinet and put a pack and play or rocker next to the couch. That way when baby falls asleep you can put them in a safe place and try to catch some rest for yourself nearby.

11. Create a Mantra

This may seem silly to some, but having a baby is a difficult time mentally and emotionally. The hormones streaming through your newly changed body can cause baby blues which wreak havoc on your psyche and people will (or at least you’ll think they are) judge pretty much every move you make as a new parent. Create a positive mantra for yourself that you can repeat to reassure yourself that you are in control and everything will be ok.

Everyone has different financial means, family structures, and belief systems so preparing for a baby is never the same for different families. Even preparing for baby number one and baby number two can be a completely different experience. Hopefully, this list has helped you out and good luck with the new baby!

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