Simple No Cost Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

If you are reading this, I want to say thank you as you have a good soul. On this Random act of kindness Day, you are searching out some nice things to do for others. And that’s what makes you special. You will surely some simple yet meaningful free ideas for the random acts of kindness day to try this year.

How can I help others without spending money?

Even if you want to do charity, you need some money!

Last week, I received a note from my daughter “you are a very good mother” and any parent in this world knows how this makes you feel. Have you ever received a thank you note from your kid?

Did you ever write to your spouse or friend?

It just needs a few minutes and we never bothered to do that. Such a simple thing makes your spouse feel loved, your friend a special person and as a parent, you feel proud.

How much love you can spread with a simple note? Think about it for 1 minute(I guess you can).

There are some random things you can do which don’t require a good amount in your bank account.

On this World Kindness Day, let’s spread kindness with heart by these ideas for random acts of kindness.

Simple Free Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Simple and Free Random Act of Kindness Ideas

  1. Greet and smile at someone
  2. Give someone a compliment
  3. Help a tourist/visitor to find hotel or route
  4. Leave an encouraging note at public places
  5. Give your seat to any stranger on train/bus to one who needs it more
  6. Take part in kindness projects
  7. Hide the books you have already read, spread the knowledge
  8. Donate your old stuff
  9. Read a book for kids after school programs
  10. Volunteer yourself to charity projects
  11. Clean the beach
  12. Feed birds
  13. Share or give a water bottle
  14. Help any elderly person
  15. Share your lunch or extra food with homeless people
  16. Write a meaningful and constructive comment on social media instead of harsh and discrimination words publicly
  17. Have a gentle conversation
  18. Help to find items at the grocery shop to a random person
  19. Help your neighbor to clean up the road after a snow
  20. Park your car properly ( You might wonder but there is so much chaos at parking lot if one person didn’t park vehicle properly)
  21. Be a tutor or mentor for someone on the weekend
  22. Say thank-you to lower staff of any places like janitors at school, waiter staff at hotels
  23. Share some interesting life facts, motivational quotes or funny memes with others to lighten up the mood
  24. Write a genuine letter (not a text or mail) to your friend or person you care
  25. Meet or call old friends and discuss each other’s life challenges and happiness
  26. Donate your hair after a haircut
  27. Be a member of the blood center
  28. Give up toxic habits that cause trouble in other’s life and start healthy habits today to be kind for yourself
  29. Do free babysitting
  30. Take care of your family or neighborhood’s pets for some time like take a dog for a walk.
  31. Help to clean the mess or organize other’s stuff
  32. Make some extra cookies to share with co-workers or friends
  33. Help in chores( Your mom will be glad)

This list of random acts of kindness tasks can go long and I promise I will add as much as I can.

Do you want to help me? Write in the comments your idea of a random act of kindness you do try?

You might share your experience or stories of a random act of kindness.

So which one you are trying on the day of a random act of kindness?

Be kind enough to share this positive note with everyone you know!!!

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