Mother’s Day Gift – A Small Poem Collection About And For The MOTHERS!!!

Are you still wondering and searching on Pinterest for Mother’s Day Gift ideas? So what did you decide? Mother’s love is unconditional, what will be the best gift for a Mom who is with you like your own shadow? Every year we struggle to decide what will be the best gift idea on the special occasion of Mother’s Day.

Mother has a special place in our heart and nothing can replace her devotion and endless love in our life. Whether she is an Indian Mom, American Mom, Jamaican Mom, Canadian Mom or from any corner of the world, a mother is incredible and guess what, they all are same. There is a special bond between a Mother and a Child. We get to know about Mother’s love when we see our little ones. Tears in eyes when they utter “Mama” for the very first time.

We all love our mother but never express it, right? Remember last time when you said Thank You to your mom? When was the last time you appreciated her work? When did you say that how much you missed her? Okay, now this makes us really sad but, we don’t express our feelings to our own mom. Strange but true. So this year let’s say how much we love them, how much we care about them.

Besides an expensive gift, a simple greeting card with your emotions is a perfect gift for this Mother’s Day. We bring you some emotional short poems about and for Mothers. All poetry are not a collection of words, each one has emotion and a story. Let’s read some of the fresh and a new poetry collection on this Mother’s Day.


No Matter how disheveled you look!

No matter if there are stretch marks all over your tummy!

No matter if you are not the perfect hourglass figure!

No matter if you forgot to even comb your hair!

No matter your makeup is long forgotten!

No matter there is spilled food, poop and pee all over you!

There is someone who thinks you are the most perfect goddess!

Those little hands crave to hug you!

Those little eyes look up to you!

Those little souls love you to the moon and back!

Those tiny hearts think you are perfect!

And that is all what matters!

– Eivine Renny
(Eivine expressing her soul stirring thoughts on Musings Of My Soul. She writes about random musings and always welcome a world by her positive mindset.)

Mother: A wonderful Creation of God

I fall
I got hurt
I shout
‘Oh Ma’
Here she comes before any fast ambulance services or God.

I am in trouble
Don’t know what to do
I shout
‘Oh Ma’
World’s great teacher is just in front of me with solution for any damn problem.

I am happy
Want to celebrate
I shout
‘Oh Ma’
And a best friend comes with tears in her eyes who is more happy in my success than me and hug me.

I fear something
Confidence level zero
I shout
‘Oh Ma’
And here she comes to assure me that I am the smartest child of her to go ahead and achieve the damn thing fear.

I want to cry
Cry hard
I shout
‘Oh Ma’
And here comes that shoulder with magical power on which I put my head, cry a lot and I feet greatest healing.

She is a teacher, a friend, troubleshooter, everything you want.
She is a mother.
Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful creations of God

– Manali Shah
(Manali is a passionate baker and an avid reader. When its comes to express her emotions, she prefer to write some poetry.)


She brings happiness in every household,

You are the key to my happiness.

She is divine, strong and a true warrior,

You have battled with the world to nourish me every which way.

She is worshipped for 9 days,

I worship her to thank her for giving me You, every day.

She is Adishakti, Bhavani,

You are my shakti.

From her all forms of creations, existence and destruction is generated,

From you emerges my existence, foundation and my soul.

She has got 108 names,

And you – the purest one, MAA.

And that explains one word in which the entire world culminates. MOTHER!

– Shikha Agarwal
(Shikha is a wonderful daughter and wrote these lines for her mother. Her mother would be proud of her that her daughter worshipped her like a god.)


A mother is she who is reborn with her child
Who bears all the agony of childbirth with a smile
For whom her little one’s first cry is a magic
Which amidst all the pains made her beatific

A mother who was once the center of attraction
Now didn’t mind the scars of her operation
Even with her weak body and pale face
She considered herself an Ace

She couldn’t help but giggle with tears
For all the apprehensions and anticipations of fears
Fears of taking proper care of her little charm
Who lay sleeping peacefully in her arms

A mother is the most beautiful creation of God
Who deserves an applaud
An applaud for what she does and how she cares
An applaud for everything she bears
An applaud for the sleepless nights
Just to be sure that her little one never wakes up with a fright

God can’t be anywhere so he created a Mother
A salute to all such creators for everything they bear
There can’t be a thing as positive as a mother
Respect her, love her as you won’t get another

– Sakshi Bhatnagar
(Sakshi is a first-time mom of cute one and a half-year-old girl. An educator by profession, she aspires to be one of the successful writers blogging at


I am nothing without my mother
Without her, my soul knows only to wander…

Her love costs me no money
It’s more pure than honey…

The depth of her love can’t be measured
In your heart, it can only be treasured…

She alone has so much of care
There’s no need to go anywhere…

Her love is so so serene
This innocence I have never seen…

Her love is so divine
It’s always going to be mine…

I wonder how big is her heart
Smiles in spite of the pain in every body part…

Blessed to be a part of your mother
Love for you will never wither…

I know now why God created u mom
So that I see love in it’s purest form…

– Vidushi Agrawal
(Vidushi tried poetry very first time and keen to write more. She tries to show an endless love of a mother in her simple yet lovely words.)

Unconditional Love: A tribute to mothers

Mother is always the strong one

She may be breaking inside but somehow she always gets it all done

The teacher, the cheerleader, the doctor, the maid

Being multi-faceted and multitasking keeps her on top of her days

She supports you through every loss and every win

Mama is tired but she is the provider, the giver of life

She teaches you how to hold on and be fierce during those tough times

Today she got up, got shit done, held the family together in every way

Tomorrow she will wake up and do it all again.

The role of the mother may be the most underestimated, underappreciated job on this earth

There is not another soul who will support you so diligently after all she was with you from birth

Through tiredness and sometimes frustration she sticks by you through every loss and every win

She deserves love and the utmost respect not only for one day but from this moment until your life ends.

No matter what you call her mother, mama, madre she is the boss lady the queen of it all

The nurturer, the role model, the creator of life

No one in this world can so effectively fulfill her role

Her unconditional love provides the chicken soup for your soul.

– Tachira Wiltshire
(Tachi is a wonderful mother of a little girl who is also a dreamer. Writes about everything which inspires her on her blog

A bond between a Mom and a child is unbreakable. No words are enough when we are expressing a mother’s love. I hope you love this short poetry collection. Your mother would love a card with such poetry than any expensive gift. So on this Mother’s day, say it, share it how much you love them. Because all they need is your love.

Please share and support this loving and emotional poems and do comment which one you relate the most. Do you want to say something to your mother? Share here, write down. Don’t take it for granted and say it, how much you love your mother- A Best Mother’s Day Gift.

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