How I Got 500 Page Views in Two Weeks Blogging

I have been a blogger for a full two weeks now. When I started I had all these great ideas I couldn’t wait to share with the world. So I built this great site on WordPress and starting writing posts here and there. I signed up for a business Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

I was 100% sure that if I wrote great content I would rank high in google and get tons of traffic. After a few days of 0 traffic, I started researching how to run a blog and boy did I learn a ton. As it turns out writing is only about 20% of blogging.

I had all this great content and I wasn’t driving any traffic to my site. So I changed what I was doing and after two weeks I have over 500 page views.

Learn How to Correctly Use Pinterest

I love Pinterest. It has been the biggest traffic driver of anything I have done. Starting off I didn’t even sign up for a Pinterest account.

I was relying on other social networks to drive my traffic. Turns out it’s great to have Instagram and Facebook pages to connect with your readers but Pinterest gives you readers.

I had no reach on this platform and after two weeks I am reaching over 8,000 people monthly with my pins.

The first thing that is extremely important to do is to have a business account and a verified domain. It is in Pinterest’s algorithm to show more pins from a business accounts than a regular pinner account. Also connecting and verifying your domain will let you enable rich pins which look more professional and get shared most often.

You need to make your pins pin worthy. I use canva to create my pins. It is a great platform for creating long attractive pins that will get shared. You can upload your own graphics or use their stock photos.

Pinterest actually has a system for judging the quality of pins based on if they deem them beautiful. So you want yours to be as pretty as possible. (Bonus tip: Pins with colors in the red and orange family get shared over pins with other colors.)

Pin every day to multiple places. You need to join group boards in your niche, but you also need to have multiple boards that you own that you pin your own stuff too.

Pinterest likes people who pin. So make sure that you are pinning every single day. It should be about 20% your stuff to 80% others. Tailwind schedules all my pins so that I am not pinning 20 things at one time. It allows me to take an hour and schedule out pins for two or three days.

Build Your Community

I had a personal Facebook page but no one liked it so no one was seeing anything I posted.

Facebook Blogging Groups are great places for those just getting started. You can post your content and connect with other bloggers. Blogging is a team sport, you want to dive in and get involved.

Facebook Groups are a great place to start with this. You will meet others in your niche, build traffic to your site, and have a place to ask questions of people that have been there.

Once you are in Facebook groups don’t just participate in the daily threads. You want to make connections with other bloggers. So follow them, comment on their posts, and subscribe to those blogs you really like. By doing this you will not only drive traffic to your site but you will make friends doing exactly what you are doing and learning from each other.

This opens the doors for opportunities to guest blog on other blogs with way more traffic and to be involved in round-up posts and have your blog featured. All of this drives traffic to you and lets people see what you have created.

Write a lot Of Content

I had written some and had maybe 4 posts up when I launched. So people were going to my site and weren’t going to see much of anything. Of the 4 posts, I did have up, only one of them was more than 500 words. In your first month, you should create at least 20 new posts. They don’t all have to be long but at least 30% of them should contain 1,000 words or more.  This will get you a good base for Google to index your site and consider it helpful and informative.

Google tends to favor articles that are 1,000 words or longer but obviously don’t add extra words just for length if you get your point across in 600 words that’s fine. You do want to make sure that it is more than 300 words because that is the minimum for SEO. Once you are up and running you can back off to having new posts up once or twice a week.

Learn All You Can About SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what Google uses to determine if your post will show up in a search. You want to make sure you are selecting good keywords and writing content that is helpful and informative.

I use the Yoast plugin for WordPress to help with my SEO check. It allows me to make sure that I have selected a good keyword. It makes sure that my keyword is in the title, the first paragraph, and the URL, and also that I am using the keyword throughout the text.

Don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar before you publish. A poorly written misspelled post won’t rank high on Google even if it is great. Don’t forget to give it time.

You won’t rank the first two weeks and that is OK. It takes time for Google to crawl your site and decide that it is worthy of showing up on the front page.

There is no guarantee that you will have tons of page views your first two weeks or even your first month. Keep writing and doing these four things and you will start to see results over time.

Blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme; it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Just remember why you start blogging in the first place and don’t give up.

We will love to listen to your experience in blogging. What are the simple tips you are following to increase page views?

Don’t forget to share this to let others grow too.

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