21 Things not to do after a breakup

Your life is all around one person and a breakup changes everything. Now your mind is now totally crushed with the taught of what to do after a breakup. This is the time when you probably make wrong decisions which blemish your happiness. To stop mindless vandalism in your life, don‘t do these 21 things instantly after a breakup.

After a breakup, the love who gave you immense happiness gives you deep cuts on your heart. You are inconsolable to breathe the positive vibes again.

But It’s completely ok not to be resilient for some time as moving on after a breakup becomes hard and it takes time. So before taking some immediate actions let’s lookout which things you never have to do after a breakup:

breakup having revenge thought

Things you never have to do after a breakup

  1. Stalking your ex

    You never let go of your past by keeping an eye your boyfriend/girlfriend’s relationship status. You have to leave this habit to recover from the current panic state.

    You might not control your urge to check what my ex is doing? Is he/she hanging out with another person? This will create a great anxiety issue and depression for sure.

    what not to do after breakup-relationship tips

  2. Pretend to be friends

    It’s a trend to remain just friends with your ex. The concept is really deep but you never be into friendship after a breakup so quickly.

    Staying in the same circle of friends who invite your ex might cause a situation that you meet him more. But don’t try to be in a hurry to be friends or fake it like you really don’t care.

    Don’t try to force yourself to meet your ex just to impress your friends. You need not to do this right now.

    Make a distance with your ex till the time you feel you really let go of your past.

  3. Visit places where you spent time together

    In the past, you hang out at places like bar, restaurant, theaters together so these places give you a memory of a beautiful past. You are going again to feel it again that how good it was which keep growing sadness in your heart.

    So never go to places where you dive into your past after a breakup.

  4. Got a new look

    You have soreness in your heart and this is not the right time to take any decision.

    Some people advice you have a new look but be cautious. Never do a haircut or tattoo immediately after a breakup which you will regret in the long run.

  5. Blaming Yourselfdon't do that after breakup

    Why he or she left me? Am I not beautiful like his new girlfriend? Finding fault in yourself is the biggest mistake you are doing after a breakup.

    Girls who don’t have a boyfriend are happy too. So you can analyze the current situation but should not blame yourself for all of this.

    “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” – Marilyn Monroe

    The fault may be of both or one but never compare yourself. People who leave us always teach us a lesson, so look forward to learning than drowning into your own thoughts.

    Remember “ Put Yourself as a FIRST priority”

  6. Having  a revenge thought

    Emotional pain after a breakup may give you revenge thought. You can feel good for a short time after doing this. The broken heart will never be fixed up by revenge.

    It can heal by love, compassion, and forgiveness. The act of revenge never gives you happiness. So let karma do it for you and you just move on to a new chapter of your life.

    “One day they’ll realize they lost a diamond while playing with worthless stones.” – Turcois Ominek

  7. Start Dating so soon

    You start looking for new love and immediately start dating after a breakup which is dangerous for you.

    Start dating again so soon after a breakup increases chances to make it happen again. Give some time to yourself to forget and forgive your painful past.

  8. Keep making yourself upset

    You are indulging yourself into constant grief. Listening to sad songs, watching tragic romantic movies, keep thinking about pasts are some things you don’t have to do after a breakup.

    Instead, you have to try to make yourself happy. Go and visit some new places, join some activity classes, pamper yourself to boost your mood up.things not to do after breakup

    You need to cheer up yourself rather than just crying and pitying yourself after a breakup. Let the positive vibes come in.

    “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.” – Barney Stinson

  9. Dragging yourself into a new addiction

    Alcohol, anti-depression pills or drugs are not solutions. You are dragging yourself in danger so never do this after a breakup.

    Instead, try to develop some healthy habits so that you can improve yourself. Work on yourself. Keep pushing yourself to make things better than escaping.

  10. Keep Chasing your Ex

    After a breakup, life seems like hell and you find yourself helpless. You keep texting your ex to come back into your life which you never have to do after a breakup.

    A relationship will stand on mutual respect and love. Never drag your self-esteem so down that you keep chasing for him or her when you know it’s over.

    Control your emotions as the person who can leave you once can do it again so why you have to be into that kind of relationship.

    Look for your future, not the past.

    “Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.” Oscar Wilde

  11. Making a wall around yourself

    You start making a distance with your near ones. You are not making connections anymore and shut all the hopes to recover – a self-harming act.

    The reason is you don’t want to hurt again. But the magic of hope is, it comes out when all doors are closed.

    So never create a big wall around yourself that you missed the true love coming for you.

  12. Take it all alone

    You are not sharing your feeling with anyone which you don’t have to do after a breakup. The wounds on the heart are never be healed if you take it all alone.

    Keep talking about what you feel to your friends or family. Allow yourself to cry and grief about the unhappy incidences. Let it all negativity and sadness come out.

    I hope you heard this term so many time “ It’s okay to not be okay”. You can be caught into some serious mental health issues if you suppress your pain for a long time. Before it goes worse you can consult a therapist for the same if you don’t have someone to share.

  13. Collecting memories of an old love

    Keeping the gifts, cards given by your ex is the thing you don’t have to do after a breakup which you all do most of, stop collecting memories.

    All these memories you are collecting will never let you go and these things will recall your old love. This may cause a serious issue and ruin your new relationship.

  14. Overthinking

    Overthinking will block your mind to see the good behind each bad experience. Overthinking will harrowing your true purpose of life and keep dragging you down in darkness.

    You will learn many life lessons you will from such a traumatic incidence. So stop overthinking and feel the gratitude in every day.

  15. Cluelessly Eating

    You don’t have to eat chocolate all day to feel good. If you do so often you might habitual to one of the toxic habits you have to avoid.

    There is a scientific reason that women can handle stress better than men. There are other facts too which you are wayward to guess even if you are a woman. Girls no need to eat more junk food which makes you an unhealthy person.

  16. Not choosing wise Distraction

    Hmm, wise distractions? What’s that? You want to forget all the bad things but how? Distract yourself.

    You think sleeping more, watching tv, wasting money on unwanted travel trips and clothes can distract you. Wrong. These are not wise distractions. Invest your time in developing healthy habits.

    Distract yourself by hitting the gym, reading books, journaling, taking a new task or course, join your favorite hobby class. Study proves that doing a physical exercise- a running can improve your mental health too.

  17. Choose to escape

    You are running away from all your responsibilities because you are so upset. Don’t do this thing after a breakup.

    You might not feel how many opportunities you are missing. Focus on your work and study. Never give one person so much importance that you spoil your whole future for him/her.

    Avoiding responsibilities will make your life so unorganized so do your tasks.

  18. Too scare to change

    You feel like a looser who is waiting for some miracle to happen and everything changed.

    You are keep thinking bad about your ex and wish that he/she will feel guilty for it. You are giving more chances to a bad relationship just because you are scared of a new change.

    What I will do after the breakup? The thought of sudden change threatening you and you just loose your confidence to handle it.

    Never give all commands into other’s hand, follow your own faith.

  19. Blaming others

    This is a ridiculous thing most people do after a breakup. Being jealous is an obvious emotion.
    You might look for a person to whom you can blame all the things. Blaming others show your inner insecurities.

    Come out of the shell, accept the present and live into it.

  20. Taking abrupt decisions

    A breakup broke you so badly that you start thinking to take some abrupt decisions like leaving a town or country, change job, drop out from college to find peace.

    Being in love is a beautiful dream when it breaks your mind is unstable. Never be in a hurry to immediately leave just because you can’t deal with it. Time will heal.

  21.  Don’t talk after a breakup

    You must have to talk after a breakup. Have a healthy conversation between two of you not just screaming and fighting will always give the right way to handle this maturely.

    Don’t take it so personally and give a chance to listen to your ex’s points and discuss your thoughts. After that, you can move on from the relationship if you disagree. You might kill a chance to reunite after any misunderstanding if you don’t do this thing after a breakup.

    things not to do after a breakup

These are the top 21 things you are doing after a breakup which you don’t have to do.

Are you doing any of these things after a breakup?

Which is the most irritating thing happens to you after a breakup?

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